Product Review: Little Chintas Mega Stuff-It

Hey everyone! This post has been a long time coming, I actually got this toy in early September, and had it in their cage around a similar time. I will be getting a few reviews out in the next few weeks, so that we can get straight into some Christmas themed posts over December. Before I rip into this review, let me start with saying that my guinea pigs are not big chewers. I have had lots of toys rotated between them and Schmutz (my rabbit) and they either leave a couple bite marks, or none at all. I have once seen BMO play with a cat toy ball, but I am not sure if he was actually playing, or more moving it out of his area.
The 'Mega Stuff-It' is a ball made out of twisted willow twigs, with hay on the inside. I knew that the boys would love the hay inside, and decided it could be a great new way to feed them their daily ration of hay. I am not sure if the pictures are showing the true size of this ball, it was easily as big as my pigs! I had also heard from multiple overseas bloggers and YouTubers that their pigs loved willow, so I was indeed excited to try it out myself. The actual wrapping of the ball shape seems to be just one long branch, or multiple longer ones and there seems to be no actual connection keeping it to a ball shape.
I gave this to the pigs at night and by the morning it was half destroyed with all the hay chewed out. I do apologize, but I did not get a photo at this stage in time as I didn't believe that the pigs would do much more to it in the time frame of one day. I was wrong. The way it looked in the morning was a semi circle, with random bits of twig sticking out at unusual angles. It no longer resembled a large ball. By the time I got home from work that night, it was only random pieces of willow left, dotted around the cage. I quickly retrieved these, I have a feeling I could do a great DIY with these!
So, the actual ball lasted approximately 24 hours. I am a bit saddened that they destroyed it so fast, as I was hoping to put that extra hay in it, and really get my moneys worth, but I guess as long as they enjoyed it, I can't complain. The actual toy itself is a great idea, especially since here in New Zealand I have found it mighty hard to find toys made out of willow. I think that if I were to get this product again, I might hang it, like those metal vegetable holders so that it lasts a bit longer, and really challenges their mind a bit more. I would definitely love to pick up a couple more though, especially one for Schmutz as I would love to see how he reacts to it. He is not a huge eater of hay, but really loves large balls to chuck around. All in all, I like the product. I personally would love to see it touched up a bit by maybe adding in something that makes it harder for them to pull it apart, as they pieces seemed to slide out of place easily. This I think would make it last longer, and also get them to chew more of the willow sticks. Other than that, I love the product and would recommend you give this one a go! Thanks for reading


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