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Guinea Pigs Favourite Vegetables/Fruits

Hey! It has recently come into Summer for us in New Zealand, although you would hardly know it as it is continually raining here. With this supposed better weather, means a different range of vegetables that are available at our local markets. We hardly ever buy our vegetables from the supermarket anymore, not only for the sheer price difference, it means we also know where the vegetables are coming from, and that they are fresh. Whenever I can, I love supporting local products and businesses. So with all this new summer vegetables and fruits starting to filter into the pigs diet I thought I would share what they are enjoying at the moment.

Capsicum (Red, Yellow, Green Peppers)
We have tried to feed these year round as they are great for vitamin C and the boys absolutely love it. However, during the winter months the price for a single capsicum was nearing $2-3! Now that it is December, the price is half, if not a third of that so it means that are getting it daily instead of every se…

November Bow Wow Box!

Hey everyone! We have signed up for a monthly subscription box called Bow Wow Box. This is a New Zealand based subscription service for dogs, and you can chose out of three sizes, small, medium and large. This is our third month getting the medium sized box, and we love them! We look forward to the post each month, and I am always so eager to rip into it. The first two months we made videos to show off the box, however for a change, this month we decided to do a blog post to show you what we got.

First off, we got these Superior Farms Venison Waffles. We got a Superior Farms product in our first box, and it went down a treat with the boys so I am excited to rip into this for them.
Next we got these Veal Ribs from the same company that we received the Kangaroo Jerky from. This is an awesome company from Auckland, New Zealand. I really like that we are getting treats that are not generic, I have never seen these in chain pet stores and nor are they a global corporate company. I have not…

Update Post

Hey everyone! I have been very slack recently, and as you would have probably noticed, I slowly stopped uploading videos and posts on here. I do apologize a lot. I currently have an injury to my wrist, which means that I am actually not allowed to use a keyboard or computer much, if at all. The worst part is that my work is constant computer use, and also my specialist appointment isn't until the end of January! It's slowly getting better, so I want to start getting back into the blog since I miss it so much. If there are missing posts, I hope that you now understand why because I need to think of long term at the moment, so if it shows any signs of hurting, I will have to take another little break, or try type with one hand ;)

Quick updates:

We have been to three dog training lessons so far, and have been enjoying it. As I assumed, we haven't learnt too much over what we already knew, but it is really cementing our knowledge and getting our training out of the house. Plus,…