Guinea Pigs Favourite Vegetables/Fruits

Hey! It has recently come into Summer for us in New Zealand, although you would hardly know it as it is continually raining here. With this supposed better weather, means a different range of vegetables that are available at our local markets. We hardly ever buy our vegetables from the supermarket anymore, not only for the sheer price difference, it means we also know where the vegetables are coming from, and that they are fresh. Whenever I can, I love supporting local products and businesses. So with all this new summer vegetables and fruits starting to filter into the pigs diet I thought I would share what they are enjoying at the moment.

Capsicum (Red, Yellow, Green Peppers)
We have tried to feed these year round as they are great for vitamin C and the boys absolutely love it. However, during the winter months the price for a single capsicum was nearing $2-3! Now that it is December, the price is half, if not a third of that so it means that are getting it daily instead of every second day. I haven't yet noticed a preference towards any particular colour, but now that I think of that, I would love to do some experiments to find out which one is their favourite. At the moment we are just purchasing whatever is available and is of decent quality.

We have definitely fed this year round, but who can resist the Spring/Summer lettuces. For some reason they are so much more tasty, and I believe the pigs notice as well. Like the capsicum, we just buy the best looking lettuce, not based on type (Not Iceberg). I am very bad with knowing what different types of lettuces are called, but their current favourite has long leaves, and is shaped nmore like an oval. Other than that, our next common type is just your typical green lettuce.

During winter, the pigs loved Celery, and now that is being phased out from the markets, we have replaced it with cucumber. This vegetable doesn't have much nutritional value to it, but the boys love it! I try not to feed this daily, as it fills them up for where more nutritional vegetables/hay could be, but when I do feed it, the boys go absolutely crazy for it and sometimes will actually eat it before lettuce which is a big deal in this house.

This is a treat only and is fed in very small portions. Until last week, the boys had never had strawberries, but I got lots of punnets so thought I would see what they thought. To my surprise, they loved it! BMO was left with a very red mouth afterwards though, which would have been perfect for Halloween. I would probably only give this once a fortnight or so, if that, just to change up their diet a little bit.

That is their current favourites at the moment. I do feed a bigger variety of vegetables than this, but these are some that stick out as their favourites. As it gets more into the warmer months, I bet their will be more fruits and vegetables to try so I will get an update near the end of Summer as well to see if their is any variations. Thanks for reading :)


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