November Bow Wow Box!

Hey everyone! We have signed up for a monthly subscription box called Bow Wow Box. This is a New Zealand based subscription service for dogs, and you can chose out of three sizes, small, medium and large. This is our third month getting the medium sized box, and we love them! We look forward to the post each month, and I am always so eager to rip into it. The first two months we made videos to show off the box, however for a change, this month we decided to do a blog post to show you what we got.

First off, we got these Superior Farms Venison Waffles. We got a Superior Farms product in our first box, and it went down a treat with the boys so I am excited to rip into this for them.
Next we got these Veal Ribs from the same company that we received the Kangaroo Jerky from. This is an awesome company from Auckland, New Zealand. I really like that we are getting treats that are not generic, I have never seen these in chain pet stores and nor are they a global corporate company. I have noticed that Bow Wow Box includes a lot of local businesses and it is great that I can support them in this way.

I am not too sure what these actually are, however the boys ripped into them straight away. Asha had destroyed his within moments, while Diego took a little longer.
We fed these the day we got the box, and then fed a veal rib to each dog the next day. After that, Diego vomited multiple times throughout the next few days, and Asha had very bad diarrhea and a sore bum for the same time frame. I am not sure what caused it, if it was either of these treats or just something else. We have given away the ribs to my aunty for her Pit Bull so hopefully he has an easier time with them.

There were these Chicken 'N' Chips from the same company that made the Halloween 'Dead Mans Fingers'. I have not opened these yet as I am tentative since both the boys stomachs are still sensitive but I think in the near future I will give these a go also.
I was so excited to find this duck toy amongst the treats. I had a smaller version of this for Daisy, and it was her favourite toy. I still have it, however I have never given it to Diego cause I knew he would destroy it. Diego did love this large duck, it didn't last long, possibly a few days but he does still play with the empty duck 'shell'.


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