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Treat Review: Leanlix

Hey! We were lucky enough to get sent a Leanlix from Puss & Pooch, and have been using it for several months now so I think it is time to let you all know our thoughts on the product. Puss & Pooch are the exclusive New Zealand importer and distributor for Leanlix, and you will be able to purchase it online from them. Remember to use the 'DAISYPETS' discount code to get 25% off your purchase, and that is off everything on their site.

Leanlix is a lickable, low calorie dog treat which is in a stick form. They come in three flavours; Free Range Chicken, Bark B-Q and Grass Fed Beef and we have been trialling the Bark B-Q flavour. This is a great and quirky way to treat your dogs, and also healthy for them as three licks roughly equates to one calorie. Leanlix is perfect to take out and about as it isn't messy, you don't have to touch the treat itself, and it lasts twelve months after opening.

The idea of the Leanlix is that when you want to treat the dog, instead o…

DaisyPets Christmas Gift Guide: Small Pets

Hey, we come to you today with another edition of our 2015 DaisyPets Christmas Gift Guide. This one is all our gift ideas for small pets. I am mainly talking Guinea Pigs and Rabbits since I own them, however I figure a lot of them would go well for Rats, Chinchillas and Mice as well. If you have any products that you think would be a great gift for other small pet owners, leave them down below!

Little Chintas Sunburst 
This toy is made up of multiple different textures, and Schmutz our rabbit loved it. The finger traps are easy for them to chew, and then the cardboard circles offer a harder texture for their teeth. Once the fingertraps have all been chewed, the circle made up of the smaller cardboard circles is great for putting hay or vegetables in for an extra challenge.

Little Chintas Daisy Chain
We haven't tried this product, but when searching for links for the other Little Chintas products I couldn't help but add this. It is super cute, and would look amazing in the cage, …

DaisyPets Christmas Gift Guide: Dogs

Hey! I love the idea of a gift guide, showcasing some of the awesome products out there that would be great to gift to another animal lover, or for their/your pets. To start off this years Daisy Pets gift guides, we are going to start with products for Dogs. These are some of my favourite products, as well as some that I haven't tried but what I think would make a great gift.

Dog Treats:One Podgy Dog Christmas Hampers
We got the Birthday version of these hampers, and it was amazing. It is filled with a bunch of One Podgy Dogs treats so you can try out a range of treats for a small price. They have three different boxes available and you can see all the treats that would be inside each individual box. This is one of my top gifts for Christmas!

Bow Wow Box Subscription
This is a monthly subscription service that sends boxes filled with treats and a toy to your doorstep each month. I think it would be fantastic as a gift to buy a box, or even a certain number of months and they will g…

November Favourites

As we did last month, we are going to wrap up the month that was with a list of our favourites in each category. I have added a few extra categories from last month, because although we lacked a little in posts this month, we did trial a lot of new and wonderful things and found some firm favourites.

Favourite Dog Walk: Lower Hutt River Trail
We haven't been very adventurous in our walks this month, mainly sticking to what we know and what is close. A very close walk to us, and one that we went on nearly daily was the River Trail. The actual trail is a long strip of riverbank that covers the whole Hutt River, so if you wanted you could walk from Petone all the way up past Upper Hutt without having to make any detours or walk on other paths. The walk we have been doing a lot is around the Lower Hutt area, where there is open fields for Diego to zoom around on. It is the perfect walk because it can really be any length, if you want a shorter walk you stick to the river itself, or th…

Go Green NZ Expo | Review & Haul

Hey! This Sunday we decided to attend the Go Green Expo that was at Wellington's TSB Arena. The Go Green Expo is an expo dedicated to supporting green businesses across NZ, and has a wide variety of sustainable and eco-friendly businesses running stalls. The Go Green Expo was created to make it easy for everyday people to get their hands on affordable, environmentally friendly products, and to gain knowledge into a healthier, cleaner life. They cover everything in a 'one stop shop' from local beers, organic skin care and makeup, to ethical investments, cars and electric bikes.

Let me start with saying that I was not expecting much, I was still bitter about the horror which was the Pet Expo held in Upper Hutt. I can now say I was pleasantly surprised, and enjoyed the Expo immensely. One of my favourite things in other people is passion, it what attracts me to people and makes me want to build a friendship. However, these days, not many people show off their passion, and it&…

Wordless Wednesday: Summer Morning Walks


Tough Dog Toy Hunt: ZeeDog Eggplant

Hey! We are still on the hunt for decent, tough dog toys that last the distant. It is crazy how hard it is to find a toy that deals with Diego's chewing. I can't imagine how hard it would be to find toys for Pit Bulls and larger dogs. If you want to see some of our other reviews in this series we have a list here.

Today, we are reviewing the ZeeDog Eggplant which states that it is the toughest toy in their range of vegetable and fruit shaped toys. We purchased this from Wolves of Wellington which is a small online shop that is based in my area. The toy can be used in multiple different ways, as a treat challenge, and as a fetch toy.
We currently have a giveaway over on our Facebook page to win your very own eggplant! 

First off, the way that it is designed means that when you bounce it, it bounces in every different direction. Also, when I say it is bouncy, I mean bouncy! I was showing my younger sisters just how bouncy it is, and it bounced straight up into her face! This work…

Book Review: Ivory, Apes & Peacocks

Hey! We haven't done a book review in a while and to be honest, I just stopped reading for a while there. I just finished Ivory, Apes & Peacocks by Alan Root, and it has put me back into the mood of reading. I really appreciated this book so decided that this was the perfect read to get back into posting book reviews.

This book is a biography all about Alan and his life in Africa. Alan is a wildlife photographer and videographer that travelled through a lot of countries within Africa filming animals in their natural habitat. For those of you who didn't know, my dream travel location would be to Kenya, or Tanzania so it was so great to read an insight onto life within those countries. The book spans through most of his life, with Alan writing a bit of insight into his youth and then through early 20's onwards.

As always I don't want to give too much away from the book, however, there are some things I need to tell you about. Alan is a very inspiring man, and not onl…

October Favourites

Hey! We use a lot of different products, and go through many different treats and I know that a lot of those products never get mentioned. I have decided that a good way to wrap up the past month of trialling products is that we do a favourites list. Each month we will list our favourite thing under certain catergories so you can find out more about the things we are appreciating. This way, you can find out a lot more about what we have been loving. This will not replace current reviews that we often post.

Favourite Walk: Off-Leash Dog Park
This was not a hard choice, the number one place we go every weekend is the off leash dog park. We don't generally go during the week because it is a bit of a drive, but every weekend in October we packed up the dogs and took them to the park. This is a fenced in area that means we can let Asha off leash since his recall is seriously lacking. While we are there, we throw a ball for Diego while Asha runs around finding the best spots to wee. There…

Play Dead! | DaisyPets Halloween

Hey! This will be our last post for the month of October, and although it was hard to try and come up with original ideas each Monday and Thursday, I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge. I love to celebrate Halloween and this meant that I could celebrate it for the whole month.
To finish off our wonderful series I decided that it only seemed fitting to teach your dog a new trick that can be used during the Halloween season. Therefore we chose Play Dead. Diego had not previously been taught this trick so throughout the month of October we slowly taught him how to do it. It took a bit of patience at the beginning, but once he had it, we were away smiling. I would love to videos or photos of your dog learning the Play Dead command, so leave a comment on this post or go across to our Facebook and post a photo to our wall.

First off you will need high reward treats, some sort of treat that is very smelly and your dog cannot resist following it with their nose. We used Harringtons Training Tre…

October Bow Wow Box | DaisyPets Halloween

Hey! Once again we are bringing you a Bow Wow Box Unboxing. This month is Halloween themed so I thought it would be perfect to put it into DaisyPets Halloween. If you aren't sure what a Bow Wow Box is, it is a monthly subscription service that delivers treats and a toy to your doorstep for your pups. We get the medium sized box, and it costs $33.95. To get more information visit 

I want to be 100% honest in all my reviews and want to make sure that what I am typing is my real thoughts. When I opened the box this month, I was excited however upon reading what brands contributed to the box, I was less impressed. I purchase a monthly box for the purpose of finding new treats and toys, and trialling things that I wouldn't usually. What this means to me, is that I want a bit of variety in what is put inside the box. However, I feel like I keep getting the same brands, which although are different products, are very similar.  To give you an idea on what I mean, I…

HUHA Charity Collection Day | DaisyPets (notso) Halloween

Eeeek! I missed a day of DaisyPets Halloween. I have been crazy busy the past couple of weeks, and had planned so many posts for every day but yesterday. I thought something might pop up, and nothing ever did. It got closer and closer to Thursday, and I got busier and busier. Now Thursday has been and gone, and no post went live. However, all of Thursday we were out collecting for HUHA so I have decided that I will share that experience with you all today. Next week is the last week of October, and we have posts planned, written and ready to go. I promise.

If you are in New Zealand and living under a rock, or you are from overseas, HUHA is a leading no kill shelter and charity within New Zealand. They have been around since 2000 and have been growing strength to strength since then. They rescued plenty of dogs in the aftermath of the Christchurch earthquakes and rehomed them into new homes around the country, they rescued beagles from an old testing facility, fought to get animal test…

Pumpkin Pupcakes | DaisyPets Halloween

Hey! Yesterday we uploaded a video to our YouTube channel on how to make these awesome Halloween themed Pumpkin Pupcakes. What I often find is that if I just follow a recipe on YouTube I hardly recreate it myself, so I decided to help you all out by writing the recipe and steps out for you. If you want to see the video we created, click here. 
Also, we would love to know whether you like a combination of videos and posts, or if you would prefer we just stick to posts! Leave us a comment down below.

You will need:
1/2 a can of Pumpkin Puree (or fresh pumpkin)
2c of Water
1 Egg
1/2tsp of Vanilla Essence
3c of Flour (Rice or whole wheat)
1Tbsp of Baking Powder
2Tbsp of Honey
1/2c of Peanut Butter

First off, if you do not have a can of pumpkin puree you will need to cook up your pumpkin. We didn't weigh ours so I am not sure how much we used but just estimate it based off the rest of the ingredients, or how big a can generally is. We boiled ours in a pan, but you can use any cooking m…