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Bell Pepper Guinea Pig Challenge

Hey! Although it was sad to leave the sunny beach, it is great to now be home from holiday and be able to settle into routine again. The other good thing? I was greeted at home by the guinea pigs and Schmutz. I wish I was able to take the boys on holiday with me, but I doubt they would enjoy the heat or the car ride. First thing that I done when I got home is give all the boys a cuddle, and then some extra hay and vegetables as a treat.

Since I am now home I have had time to settle down and edit my video that I filmed a couple of weeks back. It's my Bell Pepper/Capsicum Challenge that I filmed with Knuckles. I posted a while ago about how the boys love pepper and I was going to see if the boys have a preference in colour/flavour. In the video I put three different peppers in front of Knuckles and got him to chose which one he would prefer.

If you want to see how he fared, click here.

From here I am going to film the same challenge with BMO and possibly even try it out with Schmutz t…

Puppy vs Soccer Ball

Hey! We have been enjoying a well deserved holiday up north of New Zealand and really making the most of the beaches which are only a walk away, the hot days and cool evenings as well as just being away from our usually hectic lives.
We had a BBQ on Saturday evening to celebrate birthdays amongst the family, and during this time one of the kids got out a soccer ball. Diego has never really seen or played with a soccer ball, so it was intriguing to see what he would think of it. I should have known how much he would enjoy it. He ended up destroying their ball, and now it lays deflated in the back yard.
It's funny how I can easily spend loads of money on toys that will be destroyed within minutes and then I have to duly throw away due to small parts when in fact I could have just purchased a $5 soccer ball and Diego would have endless hours of entertainment.
I am definitely going to take this flat ball home so we can enjoy it for a little while longer before purchasing a replacement…

2015 Pet Posting Schedule

Hey everyone! With the new year here (already nearly through the first month!) I have decided to set up a posting schedule. Last year, I posted whenever I had time to put something up, and the problem with this method I found was the fact that I would have a spare 10 minutes to write, but not to actually think about what I was posting. Very often I would end up writing something that had no great photos to go alongside the post, or a couple of weeks later I would wish I had waited to post the information so that I could have included new thoughts. If any of that makes sense.
So, my thoughts are that with a rough posting schedule I will know what I want to include, and when/what I am going to post about and therefore I can prepare more indepth reviews, and have just all round better content.
With all that being said, I have decided to post up twice weekly. One post a week will be dedicated to Diego and dog things. I have lots of great ideas for series that I would like to do, and I hav…

Burgess Excel Guinea Pig 'Tasty Nuggets'

Hey! Recently our pet store chain in New Zealand started supplying small amounts of the Burgess Excel food range. This is a huge step for New Zealand as all other pet store foods still have seeds, nuts and weird extra unnecessary pieces. They also have never catered solely for Guinea Pigs, its been Rabbit food, or Rabbit and Guinea Pig food. I have heard a lot of amazing reviews on the Burgess Excel guinea pig food, so I decided to splurge the extra money on it and trial it out with the boys.
Let's start off with what is so good about this pig food. I think the big thing for me is that it is all the same pellet. My boys were already on a pellet that was all the same, however, it was made for Rabbits not pigs. So alongside that, this one is specially formulated with Guinea Pigs needs in mind, they have Vitamins A, D3, C and E as well as Iron and Fibre. Vitamin C is very important in a pigs health, as they cannot produce this themselves and need their diet to get this. It also has …

Seven months old Puppy Update

Hey! Diego has finally made it to seven months old, it is crazy but it feels like I have had him for much longer than I actually have. I believe we got him sometime in September so in that case it has only been roughly four months. Eeek, I am happy with how much we have got out of that short space of time.

Diego has learnt sit, stay, down, wait, shake, crawl (Still needs treats), and is currently learning roll over.Diego graduated from puppy school.He grew all his adult teeth in, and only left one puppy tooth inside his mouth for luck. I also managed to keep a tooth for myself which is awesome.Been on two road trips up north, where he explored multiple different beaches, bush walks, rivers and exciting new places.He surprised a lot of people as to how big he has grown. He is now 10.6kgs and I believe he is still bulking out. He is successfully crate trained, and as I am writing this he has wandered into his crate to have a snooze. He did have a period there where he still went toilet i…

2015 Pet Blogger Challenge

Hey everyone! Today I decided to join in on the 2015 Pet Blogger challenge that was set up by Go Pet Friendly. I have only just found their blog but I am really looking forward to being able to read their posts over the next year. If any of you run a pet blog I would love you to join in, and just link your post in the comments section so I can check it out! With all that being said, let's jump right in!

1. How long have you been blogging? And, for anyone stopping by for the first time, please give us a quick description of what your blog is about. We have been blogging since March 2014. Our blog is all about our pets (Two Guinea Pigs, Two Dogs and a Rabbit) and all things pet. We have multiple different types of posts from pet product reviews, book reviews to beauty related things for us that are humanely made. We also tell of our experiences owning our pets, and tips/tricks for your pets also.  2. Tell us one thing that you accomplished on your blog during 2014 that made you proud. B…

2014 Wrap Up People

Hey! As a part two of our 2014 Wrap Up, here is the people section where I tell you my favourite people of 2014. Last year was an amazing year for us, and we want to celebrate some of the people that encouraged and helped us and also the people that have been doing an amazing job throughout the year. I really encourage you all to go follow these people, and support them because I know you will love them all as much as I do.

Instagram:Exempelthebunny / _Shesgotmoxie
I have followed Exempel for most of the year now and I just love his photos. Exempel is a gorgeous rabbit, and some of my favourite pictures are of him in the snow. He also knows multiple tricks which is awesome. I have seen his page grow over the past year and I wish them all the luck continuing with their instagram and YouTube. They always get a lot of hate due to the fact that he lives in a cage, but by the photos and videos he has, you can tell that his owner really loves him and gives him all the care in the world.

I onl…

2014 Wrap Up Products

Wahoo! As of today, 2014 is over, and that seems crazy. This last year has flown by, but looking back I feel like I have achieved amazing things with my time. I hope you all had a great year also, and that you are looking forward to kicking 2015's butt! I have decided that to say good bye to the year, I am going to do a round up of my favourite things that happened in 2014. I am going to start with products in this post, and I will do a follow up post with all my favourite people!

Dog Treat:Harringtons Training Treats
My definite favourite dog treat of 2014 is the Harringtons Training Treats! I recieved my first pack in a Bow Wow Box and I haven't looked back. I purchased about 8 packs when they were on special at my local supermarket, and I also done a giveaway on my Facebook page where we gave a couple of packs to a lucky subscriber. My review on these treats is here. These treats will be showing up throughout 2015 as well I can imagine.

Dog Toy:Jolly Tug Lion Head
Having a lit…