2014 Wrap Up People

Hey! As a part two of our 2014 Wrap Up, here is the people section where I tell you my favourite people of 2014. Last year was an amazing year for us, and we want to celebrate some of the people that encouraged and helped us and also the people that have been doing an amazing job throughout the year. I really encourage you all to go follow these people, and support them because I know you will love them all as much as I do.

Instagram: Exempelthebunny / _Shesgotmoxie
I have followed Exempel for most of the year now and I just love his photos. Exempel is a gorgeous rabbit, and some of my favourite pictures are of him in the snow. He also knows multiple tricks which is awesome. I have seen his page grow over the past year and I wish them all the luck continuing with their instagram and YouTube. They always get a lot of hate due to the fact that he lives in a cage, but by the photos and videos he has, you can tell that his owner really loves him and gives him all the care in the world.

I only recently started following Lauren with Moxie but I was captivated right away. She does clicker training with her horse, and their videos are incredible. She always posts amazing content, and I don't think I have ever seen a bad photo on her account. She has recently got May the horse as well, and I am loving all the new photos that are coming out of them all having fun. I appreciate that Lauren doesn't just use Moxie or May for solely riding, and actually puts so much time and love into them both. You can just tell she is an amazing horsewoman.

YouTube: Carislittlepiggies / GonetotheSnowDogs
Cari is the most generous and supportive person I have ever met on any social media outlet. She is forever uplifting everyone, and even if she has never officially talked to you, she will still be there for you if you ever comment or ask a question on her videos. She has a fabulous bunch of five guinea pigs, all girls, cages filled with pink fleece and amazing toys. She treats her pigs perfectly, and spoils them more than anyone else I know of. She is forever doing hauls, but I definitely am not complaining as I love seeing all the new things she gets. I can't wait to see where she goes in 2015, and she deserves all the love she gets from her subscribers.

GonetotheSnowDogs is the first animal YouTube channel that I found, and I went through all their videos in a few weeks, and now I can't wait til a new one comes out. She owns three amazing huskies who are spoiled beyond belief and you can tell she really loves them. She does a Fan Friday each week, and is so very informative. The amount of times she has to repeat herself, but she still will happily answer any questions in relation to her dogs or huskies in general. She was the person that gave the Go-Slo Bowl an amazing review, and that's how I knew it would work for Diego. My favourite videos of hers at the moment are the PetBox Review's each month.

Facebook: Hazel the Pitbull
Hazel is another page that I haven't actually followed for very long, but they are amazing in every way. The work she does for Pitbull awareness is inspiring, and this year she had so many achievements, I know that this year will be even bigger and better for them. Most recently, they raised over $2,000 worth of dog products to donate to multiple dog rescue charities in their neighbourhood. Hazel is also currently in training to be a therapy dog. I am loving their posts so much at the moment, and one of my dreams would be to meet them this year!

Company: Bow Wow Box
I was so excited when I found this company through our Facebook page. This is the first company within New Zealand that delivers pet products to your door in a monthly subscription service. I have always wanted to be able to get something like this ever since seeing PetBox and BarkBox, and had been looking for several months for something similar when this company popped up. The products they put into their boxes are amazing, and are generally New Zealand made. I love how the company supports local, and also cares for their customers by reposting photos, answering questions and generally making sure that what they are supplying is top quality. I will definitely be continuing to purchase these boxes throughout this next year and you can find monthly box reviews on our YouTube channel!

Charity: HUHA (Helping You Help Animals)
HUHA has always been one of my favourite charities, but this year they done so much amazing work for New Zealand animals that I couldn't help but recognise their achievements. They have saved hundreds of dogs, cats, chickens and other animals, they fought to get Party Pill Testing on Animals illegal, rallied to save death row dogs, showed their support for all types of animals within New Zealand, and helped rehome plenty of dogs. My favourite thing about this charity is that even if the job is near impossible, or would take many hours to accomplish they do not back down. The amount of time and effort that these very kind volunteers spend doing all this work is incredible, and they never take a dime for it. This year, we volunteered to collect donations within Wellington, and it was amazing to be part of the team and to help such a deserving cause. For 2015, I would like to put more of my own time and resources into helping them, and I hope to get behind them in all of their endeavors.

That wraps up all of our 2014 wrap ups! I hope you enjoyed learning about all of my favourite things from the past year, and we can gain many more favourites into this new year.

Please note that all these photos are not mine. Each photo is owned by the person it is associated to. No copyright intended. 


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