2014 Wrap Up Products

Wahoo! As of today, 2014 is over, and that seems crazy. This last year has flown by, but looking back I feel like I have achieved amazing things with my time. I hope you all had a great year also, and that you are looking forward to kicking 2015's butt! I have decided that to say good bye to the year, I am going to do a round up of my favourite things that happened in 2014. I am going to start with products in this post, and I will do a follow up post with all my favourite people!

Dog Treat: Harringtons Training Treats
My definite favourite dog treat of 2014 is the Harringtons Training Treats! I recieved my first pack in a Bow Wow Box and I haven't looked back. I purchased about 8 packs when they were on special at my local supermarket, and I also done a giveaway on my Facebook page where we gave a couple of packs to a lucky subscriber. My review on these treats is here. These treats will be showing up throughout 2015 as well I can imagine.

Dog Toy: Jolly Tug Lion Head
Having a little puppy, dog toys don't seem to last long. Diego has ripped every single toy we own, so now we have a bunch of empty soft toys. To be honest, nothing has stood out as an amazing product however Diego did have a favourite for a couple of months which he constantly squeaked at every chance he got. It was the Lion Jolly Tug that we got from a Bow Wow Box. We had to hide it a lot because the squeaker in that toy is incredibly loud, but Diego would go crazy every time he found it. Sadly, after a few months, this toy also died and is now an empty lion head, and a large plastic ball, which Diego still likes to play with. I am hoping that in the new year we can find some new toys that may last against Diego's teeth.

Dog Food: Orijen Puppy
When we got Diego I really wanted to start his life with a great quality dog food. I believe that if he grows up on a quality food, it will mean that he grows to his full potential and hopefully prevent some growth problems. With that being said, I have been giving him Orijen Puppy Food for a couple of months now and I absolutely love it. He has grown into a sturdy wee puppy, and eats like a vacuum compared to when we first got him and he picked at his food. My aunty owns his brother and there is about a 5kg difference between the two, this may or may not be as a result of Orijen.

Overall Dog Product: Go-Slo Bowl
As I said before, Diego is a hoover at his food. He can eat a bowl of food within 20 seconds and was really drawing in his stomach to be able to eat it all without breathing. I had been longing after the Go-Slo Bowl for a couple of years, but it had been only available overseas so I would have to get it imported in which would have been expensive. I nearly screamed of excitement when I found the bowl at one of our local pet stores. I am not let down, this bowl has saved Diego's eating habits. Now he takes over two minutes to eat the same amount of food and actually takes breaks. I have started filming a review of this product, so hoping to get that up within the month of January so you can all see for yourself how amazing it is.

Small Pet Toy: Little Chintas Sunburst
This year we purchased our first products from Little Chintas and we haven't looked back. Our favourite was definitely the Sunburst, which is made up of lots of finger traps, and cardboard circles. We gave the Guinea Pigs a go on this toy, and they chewed it a little bit which is a big deal considering they are not really chewers, and now Schmutz has it and he has finally destroyed the last of the finger traps. The actual circle made up of cardboard circles is still intact at the moment, so I might start stuff vegetables and hay into that. I am looking at repurchasing this product, along with some more of Little Chintas range within the new year.

Rabbit Toy: Cat Ball Toys
One surprising discovery we made in 2014 was that rabbits really like cat toys, especially the plastic balls with jingly bells inside. We now have quite the collection of these, as Schmutz loves to throw them around, and we often hear the bells from the other side of the house. His favourite at the moment are the larger size which he throws around constantly. He got multiple new cat toys for Christmas, so I will try and get some video footage of him playing with these.

Overall Guinea Pig Product: Little Chintas Cuddle Sack
After watching countless YouTube videos of people having their pigs on fleece bedding, I thought I had to try out at least a bed made out of fleece. When grabbing the Little Chintas toys, I got one of her cuddle sacks. The boys love it! I don't know why I never grabbed one sooner, I have never seen the boys relax out so much. Now, I have purchased two more cuddle sacks, and got the entrances boned so that Knuckles can get in and out. I am looking at maybe swapping over to all fleece next year, but need to see if I can manage all that work. You can see the review for the cuddle sacks here.

Animal Book: The Chimps of Fauna Sanctuary
This booked opened my eyes even further to the cruel world of animal testing. I was already aware of what a horrible industry it is, but through this book I saw through the eyes of the chimps into what happened to them, and how they dealt with the world after being 'freed'. Fauna Sanctuary is an amazing place however, giving these primates a piece of freedom and helping them heal. I am so glad I read this, and I would definitely recommend it to anybody. I have a full review here for the book where I explain my thoughts a bit more! 

Longest Lasting Product: Antlers
After watching GoneToTheSnowDogs I decided to look into getting Diego an antler as they always rave about these as a bone. I got this within the week of getting Diego and still to this day it exists. It has broken in half and no longer looks that appetizing however, Diego often still chooses to chomp on this quite frequently. I am looking at purchasing a new one sometime soon, potentially getting a larger version, but at the moment I am finding it hard to find one for under $40! Silly New Zealand prices.

Quickest Product: Little Chintas Mega Stuff-It
There was no denying which product this one went to, we put this in with the guinea pigs one night and by the next day it was destroyed. What is most amazing by that is the fact that my pigs are not chewers, and I have never seen them destroy a single toy. The most they usually do is a few nibbles here and there. I am still not going to give up on willow products though, I am not trying to find something that may be a bit sturdier so fingers crossed it may last longer. Another review on this one also.


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