2015 Pet Posting Schedule

Hey everyone! With the new year here (already nearly through the first month!) I have decided to set up a posting schedule. Last year, I posted whenever I had time to put something up, and the problem with this method I found was the fact that I would have a spare 10 minutes to write, but not to actually think about what I was posting. Very often I would end up writing something that had no great photos to go alongside the post, or a couple of weeks later I would wish I had waited to post the information so that I could have included new thoughts. If any of that makes sense.
So, my thoughts are that with a rough posting schedule I will know what I want to include, and when/what I am going to post about and therefore I can prepare more indepth reviews, and have just all round better content.
With all that being said, I have decided to post up twice weekly. One post a week will be dedicated to Diego and dog things. I have lots of great ideas for series that I would like to do, and I have a bunch of reviews of products as well as our monthly Bow Wow Box. I find that I always have ideas for posts relating to the dogs so I think that having a weekly post for them will not be hard at all.
I have a hard time thinking of new posts for the guinea pigs and rabbit that are not only original but actually have a purpose behind them, either entertaining, interesting or informing. The other post each week will be in regards to the small pets, however if I am struggling to come up with any great content that week, or I need more time to prepare the post, I will exchange the small pet post for any other themed post apart from dog. So this can include my book reviews, animal friendly human products, ramblings of things to do with the animal world and anything else that I want to blog about but doesn't fit into another category.
My posting will not have specific days but I am going to do a Monday-Sunday week, which means that any time between that period you will get two posts. I decided not to dedicate a certain day of the week just yet as I feel this will put unnecessary stress on me, and this blog is meant to be fun. Maybe later down the track I will have certain days, but for now it is all going to be a surprise when they come out!
Alongside my blog I do run a YouTube channel. I have been a bit slack on this as my computer was not dealing well with the editing software and kept freezing. BUT we got a MacBook especially for editing work, so now I am going to try and produce more great videos. I want to aim for one a fortnight at least, and like the posts have no certain day for this. It will all just depend on how the filming and editing go to when it will be released.
Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing more from all my readers in the coming months!


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