Bell Pepper Guinea Pig Challenge

Hey! Although it was sad to leave the sunny beach, it is great to now be home from holiday and be able to settle into routine again. The other good thing? I was greeted at home by the guinea pigs and Schmutz. I wish I was able to take the boys on holiday with me, but I doubt they would enjoy the heat or the car ride. First thing that I done when I got home is give all the boys a cuddle, and then some extra hay and vegetables as a treat.

Since I am now home I have had time to settle down and edit my video that I filmed a couple of weeks back. It's my Bell Pepper/Capsicum Challenge that I filmed with Knuckles. I posted a while ago about how the boys love pepper and I was going to see if the boys have a preference in colour/flavour. In the video I put three different peppers in front of Knuckles and got him to chose which one he would prefer.

If you want to see how he fared, click here.

From here I am going to film the same challenge with BMO and possibly even try it out with Schmutz to see if a rabbit knows the slight difference in flavour. I would really love to hear your thoughts on the challenge, do you believe that small pets can taste the difference in the colours? And if they do know the difference, do you believe they can decipher which colour actually gives the better taste? I find it an intriguing topic so I would love many opinions. Also if you would like, try the challenge out with your pets. If you can film it so I can watch, otherwise leave me a comment below on how your small pets went!

Thanks for reading.


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