Burgess Excel Guinea Pig 'Tasty Nuggets'

 Hey! Recently our pet store chain in New Zealand started supplying small amounts of the Burgess Excel food range. This is a huge step for New Zealand as all other pet store foods still have seeds, nuts and weird extra unnecessary pieces. They also have never catered solely for Guinea Pigs, its been Rabbit food, or Rabbit and Guinea Pig food. I have heard a lot of amazing reviews on the Burgess Excel guinea pig food, so I decided to splurge the extra money on it and trial it out with the boys.
Let's start off with what is so good about this pig food. I think the big thing for me is that it is all the same pellet. My boys were already on a pellet that was all the same, however, it was made for Rabbits not pigs. So alongside that, this one is specially formulated with Guinea Pigs needs in mind, they have Vitamins A, D3, C and E as well as Iron and Fibre. Vitamin C is very important in a pigs health, as they cannot produce this themselves and need their diet to get this. It also has mint to aid in digestion, and prebiotic for the same reason. Pretty much, this is the perfect pellet. Remember, pellets only make up 5% of a pigs diet, so it is vital that the product you are feeding is putting as much good stuff into their bodies as possible.
BMO and Knuckles have never really been big pellet eaters. I have always put the same amount in their food bowl, and everyday there is left overs. I watch other peoples pigs destroy their pellets the minute it is in the cage so I knew something was wrong. Ever since getting this food, the boys run to the bowl and will eat every last piece. I feed them the same amount as I used to as well.
I do believe I have seen a difference in the boys since feeding this and it has only been a few weeks. Knuckles' hair seems to be longer and shinier, especially on his rump. They are more active, and BMO actually now squeaks for food, where as previously he wouldn't talk. I do think that over time I will see a much bigger improvement in the boys over all, and I definitely think its worth the extra money compared to other brands. I am now looking at purchasing the rabbit version for Schmutz as he loves his pellet food, and I think that he would really benefit from a more nutritional product.
Bear in mind though, this is not a replacement for hay or vegetables. Hay should still be constantly available to your pigs, and is a big percentage of their overall diet. Vegetables also need to be fed daily, and this doesn't replace the high in Vitamin C vegetables that you can find. Just because you are feeding a pellet that is more nutritional doesn't mean you should skimp on the rest. I will be doing a post on the vegetables that I feed the pigs so that you all have a guide for some things you could look at feeding also.
Thank you for reading :)