Puppy vs Soccer Ball

Hey! We have been enjoying a well deserved holiday up north of New Zealand and really making the most of the beaches which are only a walk away, the hot days and cool evenings as well as just being away from our usually hectic lives.
We had a BBQ on Saturday evening to celebrate birthdays amongst the family, and during this time one of the kids got out a soccer ball. Diego has never really seen or played with a soccer ball, so it was intriguing to see what he would think of it. I should have known how much he would enjoy it. He ended up destroying their ball, and now it lays deflated in the back yard.
It's funny how I can easily spend loads of money on toys that will be destroyed within minutes and then I have to duly throw away due to small parts when in fact I could have just purchased a $5 soccer ball and Diego would have endless hours of entertainment.
I am definitely going to take this flat ball home so we can enjoy it for a little while longer before purchasing a replacement ball. Oh, and we are going to get a new ball for the original owner.


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