Seven months old Puppy Update

Hey! Diego has finally made it to seven months old, it is crazy but it feels like I have had him for much longer than I actually have. I believe we got him sometime in September so in that case it has only been roughly four months. Eeek, I am happy with how much we have got out of that short space of time.

  • Diego has learnt sit, stay, down, wait, shake, crawl (Still needs treats), and is currently learning roll over.
  • Diego graduated from puppy school.
  • He grew all his adult teeth in, and only left one puppy tooth inside his mouth for luck. I also managed to keep a tooth for myself which is awesome.
  • Been on two road trips up north, where he explored multiple different beaches, bush walks, rivers and exciting new places.
  • He surprised a lot of people as to how big he has grown. He is now 10.6kgs and I believe he is still bulking out. 
  • He is successfully crate trained, and as I am writing this he has wandered into his crate to have a snooze. He did have a period there where he still went toilet in his crate, but that has finally been put in the past. *touch wood*
  • He is also successfully house trained. It has been a long while since he has gone toilet inside, and we have also stayed at my parents separate houses with no issues.
  • He has trialed multiple different toys, and then destroyed those said toys.
  • And he has eaten even more treats! We still have a bunch of unopened packages of treats that we need to ration since he has so much.
  • Had his first Halloween, and Christmas.
  • Volunteered to help HUHA collect for their annual appeal. 
Now with all that being said, I want the next four months to be even more action packed! There are a few group dog walks happening in our area which have been arranged by HUHA within the next few weeks. We also have another trip booked to go up north at the end of January for 9 days, and while up there we will be going on many more adventures. I want to try and get some footage while I am up there so you all understand why I love it up there so much. Diego is going to have to undergo surgery for his neutering as well as his extra puppy tooth which I am planning to get done in February. This all means that the next few months are going to be a busy time for us! I can't wait.

Thanks for reading :)


  1. Aw, Diego is one adorable puppy who keeps you busy! How awesome that he's been oceanside ~ I suppose that's given though in New Zealand ;-) It's on my list of things to do in 2015 to take our pups to the beach. We're about 3 hours away from the NC coastline, so it's definitely doable!!

    1. We literally live a two minute walk from the beach, if that. It is definitely a New Zealand thing, so now I want to visit more than just my home beach. I forget how fortunate I am to have a beach right there!
      Definitely make the trip, and take lots of photos so I can see a blog post all about it! I am excited to see what your dogs think, have they been to the beach before?


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