Rabbit Photography February

Hey! We are already into our second month of 2015 which seems crazy! What this means is that our Summer is disappearing before our eyes, and we need to make the most of it while its still around. This month I want to really improve my rabbit photography, especially outside of his cage.
During the Summer months, instead of letting Schmutz have run of the house, he gets run of the garden (fully fenced, and constant supervision). During this time, I don't really get the camera out, and when I do, they are hurried shots and I don't spend much time on them. What I want to concentrate on is spending atleast five minutes a day while he is out to get some great shots of him, even if I only come away with one amazing shot each day I will be proud of that. Be prepared for a lot of Schmutz shots on our Instagram while I am practicing. The following photos are my first practice shots for the month, what are your thoughts? What are some things that you would improve on them?


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