Jolly Pets Tug-A-Mal

Hey! We chose the Tug-A-Mal as our favourite toy in our 2014 Wrap Up, but I felt like I needed to give a longer post as to why we love it so much as Diego is still obsessed with it to this day. We originally got our Lion Tug-A-Mal in the October '14 Bow Wow Box and since then it has outlived many other toys in our depleting collection.
The idea behind this toy is that it is a toy that your dog can play with alone, or as a tug toy with you. The lion head is a ball with a squeaker, which then is connected through the tugging ends. I found it a great toy when used both ways, Diego enjoyed chewing it, and when we did play together the tugging rings came in handy.
Let me begin with saying that this toy is loud! It has a squeaker that pierces the ears, and when you have a dog like Diego that just sits there mouthing it, the noise can get old rather quickly. I would also like to mention that this squeaker doesn't get popped easily, it lasted a long time and boy was I glad when it finally did give out.
Wholly due to the sound, we often hid this toy from Diego so that we could have some peace in our lives, cruel I know. He did get it daily, but once he had the toy, he never gave up on it, so after half an hour it was back in hiding. I think this helped towards the longevity of it, with this toy lasting right up until Christmas, outliving the November and December toys.
However, not is all lost when it got destroyed. We are now left with three pieces, the tugging rings, a ball and the lions head (Which Diego does not play with). To say he was obsessed with the toy when it was intact is nothing compared to how he is with the ball now. We played fetch for over an hour and he still didn't want to give up, he was constantly pushing the ball at me and wouldn't take his eyes off of it. As you can imagine, we hid the ball then as well. With the amount that he chews on this ball, I am surprised it is still in one piece. He hasn't managed to get any holes or chunks out of it, so I can see it lasting a long time as it is.
He also is a huge fan of the tugging rings, he loves playing with these alone and will throw them for himself, and will just chew on them. They are getting quite manky now, so I will be throwing those out soon alongside the lion head.
All in all, this is definitely the best toy that we have come across recently, that has kept his attention for long periods of time. I contacted Bow Wow Box to see where they got it from, unfortunately they had to import it, so at this time it isn't available in New Zealand. I am very upset about this, as I wanted to buy the rest of the range! If you are able to get your hands on it, I definitely recommend you pick it up for your pups, or you could send one to us hehe. All joke aside, I am a huge fan of this toy due to its longevity, the ability for it to be enjoyable for both you and pup, and also how even once it gets ripped, it is still a toy that can be utilized by your dog.


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