The Meanings Behind the Names

Hey! Recently I was flicking through a DogsLife magazine and they had a page on popular names in each country and where they originate from. What caught my eye was that 'Asha' is a popular name from Africa and means Life. I love learning about the history behind names, so I thought this would make a fantastic blog post. What doesn't help is that I have some strange names in my bunch, which have zero origin but I would love to tell you all why I named my pets what I did.

I will start with explaining that this is best pronounced Beemo. We named him this as it is off a kids TV show that we loved watching and he was our favourite character. I love having unusual and different names so I thought it worked well for him. I don't really know why the original character was named BMO, but he looks like an old school gameboy, and has BMO written down the side of him.

Following on from BMO, in one of his episodes he said 'I need to wash this schmutz off my grabbers' and I just loved this quote. We have had some great laughs around this name, especially at the vets trying to explain how it is spelled, and said. Our vet kept calling him Schmups and therefore a nickname was born. The actual definition of Schmutz is 'an unpleasant, unidentified substance. Something that soils an otherwise clean object.' which is quite ironic seeings as Schmutz is white.

When we first got Knuckles he was crazy, and was extremely fast. He also has the luscious back fur, that slicks behind him. Therefore, he is name after Knuckles the Echidna. Since he has now calmed down, he is not nearly as fast as a Knuckles should be. In the Sonic series, Knuckles is depicted by being brawny and I thinks this relates back to our pig because he is definitely bigger and more dominant than poor BMO.

Now for the real names. We got Diego not long after we returned from our first trip to the States. This was my first time really out of New Zealand and I had dreamed about going to America for years. My favourite place we visited was San Diego, and thus a name was born. I think we had had Diego for a few days, and I couldn't think of a name that had suited him. In the middle of the night, I awoke and that's when I decided that I wanted to name him Diego. The name Diego comes from Spain, in which Diego is the Hispanic version of James. James is also my partners middle name, so he likes to think I name Diego after him.

When my partner rescued Asha, he already had this name. This has caused a lot of laughs, because generally Asha's are female. Asha originates from both Swahili in which it means 'Life' and India where it means 'Wish, Desire and Hope' and both are feminine names. I love the idea of him having an actual meaning behind his name unlike the small pets. Asha is the one with the most nicknames out of our bunch though, more commonly we call him 'Schnau' or 'Ash'.

What are the meanings behind your pets names? How did you decide to name them?


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