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Welcome to April

Hey! I can't believe it is April already. These months just keep passing me by, and I feel like I am useless at keeping goals, and making the most of the month. I also love making excuses, I work full time, I have to run a household, I have to look after all the animals, I don't have time, I am too tired. You know, the usual excuses. This month I want to say no to excuses, and really push and strive to make the most of this month. I may miss out on some sleep, but hey, who needs sleep anyway?
This weekend I head up North again to spend the long Easter weekend with my father. I am beyond excited. It is always beautiful weather up there, and dad is a real go-getter so we make the most of our time and adventure heaps. This trip I want to explore more with the dogs, and also get a tonne of amazing photos and experiences.

In New Zealand we are heading into Autumn now, and April is where it really starts to feel like we are getting closer to the cold weather of Winter. I really want…

February Bow Wow Box

Shhh, I do realise how late this is. I actually get all my parcels sent to my mothers address because I do not trust the postage in my area, last time I got something sent here they left it on top of the mailbox on a main road. What this means is that I generally get most of my mail quite late, and then I also have been slack at doing photos for this months box. I do apologize. Bear in mind, you still have time to order this months box if you are interested, so maybe I am just in time with this post!
If you haven't seen one of our Bow Wow Box videos or posts before then let me tell you about the company. It's a New Zealand based monthly subscription service for dogs of any size. It comes with roughly four treats and a toy each month and is sent to your door (or your mum's if you are me). We have been getting the box for many months now and are continually surprised by how amazing it is. Often they have themed boxes, and for this month it was Valentines. Here is what we got…

One Year Blogaversary Contest

Hey! Wow I can't believe it has been a year already, it seems like just the other week that I was setting everything up and was struggling to decide on a blog name. Since then we have grown from strength to strength and a lot has changed since we first started. We now consist of one rabbit, two guinea pigs and a Dachshund cross Staffy puppy! In the last year I have traveled to America for the first time, upgraded camera to a Canon 70d, started a YouTube channel and worked on my editing skills, learnt a bunch of new things, met a lot of great new people and found such an awesome pet blogging community. I can bet you that this second year is going to bigger and better. I have a lot of amazing plans, and am very passionate and inspired by the blog at the moment so hopefully you will all stick around to see how this all goes!
To celebrate and thank you all for the last year, as well as gain momentum for this next year I have decided to host a contest to give back!
Here are the detai…

Wordless Wednesday: Sleeping Puppy


Cleaning those Puppy Teeth

Hey! Since February was Dog Dental Month I thought it would be a great chance to show you all what I am currently doing to keep Diego's teeth in check. I am very worried about his dental health, as Daisy had to have teeth pulled due to gingivitis. With Daisy, I didn't realize the importance of a dental routine, and unfortunately that affected her mouth.
Since I got Diego I have been giving him bones. I get a new bone at least once a month, and because he is not the biggest dog, it means we are now starting to get quite the collection. I do change up which type of bones I purchase from Cannon bones to knuckles to hoofs to antlers. My favourite is definitely the antlers. Before Diego I never knew about feeding dogs antlers, but gosh I am glad that I found them. They last for aggggges, and don't make his breath smell nearly as much as meaty bones do. An antler that I got the first week of picking up Diego is still around now, although it is nearly at the point of being too sm…

#DPChallenge Guinea Pig Photography!

Hey! In February I talked about wanting to improve my rabbit photography, and I did focus on this during the month and feel like I did improve a slight bit. This has inspired me to start DaisyPets Challenges each month, which will be small things I want to focus on within the month and would love you to join in as well. On my Instagram I will hashtag all my posts in regards to the monthly challenge with #DPChallenge and this means that when you join in you can use the same hashtag so I can view your photos!
For the month of March I have decided to follow on from February and aim to improve my Guinea Pig Photography! Whenever I take photos of the pigs, it is always luck if I get a good photo, and I am not really sure how to get great shots. My aim is to get atleast five amazing shots that I will be proud to show off. I want to get a wide variety of photos, from within the cage, setups and outside as usually I don't have much variety in their photos.
I am very excited to start this …

Wordless Wednesday: Pup at the Beach


Rabbit Photography February Wrap

Hey everyone! February is already over, I can't believe it, it seemed to just whizz past us again. Thankfully I did keep up with my challenge of taking more photos of Schmutz out and about. I am still not 100% happy with my photography in this area but I am definitely improving over time. Any tips would be great! So to wrap it all up here are my favourite photos I took over the last month, I would love to have constructive feedback on them, leave me a comment with some of your favourite photos that you have taken of your bunny.