Cleaning those Puppy Teeth

Hey! Since February was Dog Dental Month I thought it would be a great chance to show you all what I am currently doing to keep Diego's teeth in check. I am very worried about his dental health, as Daisy had to have teeth pulled due to gingivitis. With Daisy, I didn't realize the importance of a dental routine, and unfortunately that affected her mouth.
Since I got Diego I have been giving him bones. I get a new bone at least once a month, and because he is not the biggest dog, it means we are now starting to get quite the collection. I do change up which type of bones I purchase from Cannon bones to knuckles to hoofs to antlers. My favourite is definitely the antlers. Before Diego I never knew about feeding dogs antlers, but gosh I am glad that I found them. They last for aggggges, and don't make his breath smell nearly as much as meaty bones do. An antler that I got the first week of picking up Diego is still around now, although it is nearly at the point of being too small for him.
The best part of bones and antlers is that they are constantly rubbing their teeth over the hard surface which is taking off any tarter that may be building up. Diego is quite the chewer, so he is constantly wanting to nibble on something, so I am happy to supply bones that will benefit his oral health as well as mental.
Lately, I did see a bit of tartar building up on his molars and premolars. I do think this may have been some left over food but it made me very worried so I got out the dog toothbrush we have for Asha. I had never used a toothbrush on Diego so I wanted to start it the right way. Luckily, I had just read Love is being Owned by a Husky's post on how to introduce the toothbrush. After implementing these steps, I am able to brush Diego's teeth and have him enjoy it!
I am so happy that we have started this early in his life, so that he never gets to the stage of needing a scale and polish to help save his teeth. Thus far this is all we have started to help his dental health, do you have any other tips and tricks? What do you use to keep their pearly whites, white? Is there certain treats or chews that you swear by? Leave me a comment! I would love to hear all your opinions.
Thanks for reading.


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