#DPChallenge Guinea Pig Photography!

Hey! In February I talked about wanting to improve my rabbit photography, and I did focus on this during the month and feel like I did improve a slight bit. This has inspired me to start DaisyPets Challenges each month, which will be small things I want to focus on within the month and would love you to join in as well. On my Instagram I will hashtag all my posts in regards to the monthly challenge with #DPChallenge and this means that when you join in you can use the same hashtag so I can view your photos!
For the month of March I have decided to follow on from February and aim to improve my Guinea Pig Photography! Whenever I take photos of the pigs, it is always luck if I get a good photo, and I am not really sure how to get great shots. My aim is to get atleast five amazing shots that I will be proud to show off. I want to get a wide variety of photos, from within the cage, setups and outside as usually I don't have much variety in their photos.
I am very excited to start this challenge, and spend the extra time with the pigs. They are the most easily overlooked animals in my troop as they don't crave attention like the dogs or Schmutz, so I need to remember to spend more time with them. This challenge will mean that I start spending just that extra five or ten minutes a day with them over top of what I already do and I feel like we will both reap the benefits. Please start tagging me in all your guinea pig shots that you get over the coming weeks and I look forward to seeing the progress that you can make with me.
Thanks for reading :)


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