February Bow Wow Box

Shhh, I do realise how late this is. I actually get all my parcels sent to my mothers address because I do not trust the postage in my area, last time I got something sent here they left it on top of the mailbox on a main road. What this means is that I generally get most of my mail quite late, and then I also have been slack at doing photos for this months box. I do apologize. Bear in mind, you still have time to order this months box if you are interested, so maybe I am just in time with this post!
If you haven't seen one of our Bow Wow Box videos or posts before then let me tell you about the company. It's a New Zealand based monthly subscription service for dogs of any size. It comes with roughly four treats and a toy each month and is sent to your door (or your mum's if you are me). We have been getting the box for many months now and are continually surprised by how amazing it is. Often they have themed boxes, and for this month it was Valentines. Here is what we got.

For our toy this month we got the Cuddlies toy by Yours Droolly. I can't tell you exactly what animal it is trying to be, maybe a flying fox, maybe something else, but whatever it is, he looks hilarious. I have yet to give this to Diego as he is a crazy chewer and I want him to destroy all of his current toys first before introducing new ones. This is made of sturdy materials, and has rope for hands and feet. It is also not overly stuffed, mainly it is quite flat. With that being said, I still would only assume it to last a week or two at max in our household. I think that he will rip off the nose or ears first, and that's when it all goes downhill. I will update you all on how it goes!

For treats we got these Zeal Venison Hearts. This is a New Zealand company that is 100% natural so I have no worries about feeding these to the pups. I haven't yet given them any so can't report back on how they like them, but generally they love the more natural, meaty treats that Bow Wow Box supplies. I love how because it was a Valentines themed box, they have included real hearts. It's a funny spin on the real Valentines heart.

 Next we got these Rewardz Cheese and Bacon Heart Treats. There was three in the pack, which I don't like as having two dogs, who gets that last treat? Maybe I will have to half it. These are also a New Zealand company, and all the ingredients are top notch, no hidden nasties in these. I have fed the boys one each and they seem to really enjoy them. Diego's was gone in seconds. What I do recommend if you are planning on buying these, or feeding them to your dogs is that you do it outside or on lino as the boys left crumbs all through my carpet! 
 I have been wanting to try this out for ages now! They have started popping up at all my local vet clinics and pet shops. It is the RollaSnak 100s of Licks Dog Treat. I am not sure if overseas they have a similar product, but this is a New Zealand company. The concept behind it is that it is filled with a flavoured liquid, in this case cheese and the dog licks the roller ball at that top to get a taste of the liquid. It is a great idea for the dogs that get full fast, or watching weight as during training generally a lot of high fat treats are used. I have been trying it out with both Diego and Asha with varying results. I am very keen to write a full review on this, so stay tuned for that!
Last but not least is the Veal Riblets. There is no doubting what a hit this will be with Diego. The problem is that I can't feed this to Diego without Ash getting any treat so I have had to wait til Ash goes out to get a groom, and then Diego can eat this. It looks great, and I am really impressed that they put the extra effort in to make a write up about the benefits of riblets.


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