Welcome to April

Hey! I can't believe it is April already. These months just keep passing me by, and I feel like I am useless at keeping goals, and making the most of the month. I also love making excuses, I work full time, I have to run a household, I have to look after all the animals, I don't have time, I am too tired. You know, the usual excuses. This month I want to say no to excuses, and really push and strive to make the most of this month. I may miss out on some sleep, but hey, who needs sleep anyway?
This weekend I head up North again to spend the long Easter weekend with my father. I am beyond excited. It is always beautiful weather up there, and dad is a real go-getter so we make the most of our time and adventure heaps. This trip I want to explore more with the dogs, and also get a tonne of amazing photos and experiences.

In New Zealand we are heading into Autumn now, and April is where it really starts to feel like we are getting closer to the cold weather of Winter. I really want to get out and about with Diego more this month, soak up the last of the sun while we can. I have a goal to reach the summit of a fire break in our area. Every time we go up, we get a little bit further, however I still think we are quite a way from the actual summit. I also want to seek out more parks and walks in my neighbourhood. My favourite type of walk is just randomly exploring the local area, turning down any street, finding cute little walks and parks, finding things you never even knew existed in your area. Diego and I went on one of these walks the other day and came across a park and a creek that we never even knew was there.

In April I also want to try and be consistent. I won't make any promises because I seem to break them a lot, but I really want to post atleast once a week. I want the content to be worth reading though, I want you to learn or grow from reading it. I have a lot of products in need of review, so maybe I will focus on that. We will soon see.

I also want to look at improving the actual blog look. I want to maybe create a logo, or some visual content for the blog layout. I have been looking at a lot of blog sites recently to try and get some inspiration, now I want to put that into action on here. I am also still running off the .blogspot domain, so I really need to go purchase a domain name for myself. I find you look more professional and are taken a lot more seriously when you have a proper domain name.

What are some of your goals for the month? Do you have any tips for me on remaining consistent and motivated?


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