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Wellington Zoo (Photo Heavy)


Environmentally Friendly Dog BecoBowl

A couple of months ago, one of the pet store chains in our area starting stocking the Beco Pets range. After seeing how eco-friendly they are, I had to grab myself some things. First stop I got a large BecoBowl and a large BecoBone for Diego.

Beco Pets started in 2009 in Great Britain where they are designed, and since then have been growing their business. What really stood out about this company is their morals. All products are made from recycled, natural or eco-friendly materials. The rubber is made from rice husk, which is a bi-product from rice farming. Making rubber from rice husk means that it is BPA and phylaphate free. They also use bamboo which is the world's most renewable source, and is 100% biodegradable. The soft toys and beds are made completely from recycled plastic bottles.

In regards to the BecoBowl, we got the large size for $19.91NZD from Animates, however if you are from Great Britain you can get it straight from the company's website for £4.99. We had the …