Environmentally Friendly Dog BecoBowl

A couple of months ago, one of the pet store chains in our area starting stocking the Beco Pets range. After seeing how eco-friendly they are, I had to grab myself some things. First stop I got a large BecoBowl and a large BecoBone for Diego.

Beco Pets started in 2009 in Great Britain where they are designed, and since then have been growing their business. What really stood out about this company is their morals. All products are made from recycled, natural or eco-friendly materials. The rubber is made from rice husk, which is a bi-product from rice farming. Making rubber from rice husk means that it is BPA and phylaphate free. They also use bamboo which is the world's most renewable source, and is 100% biodegradable. The soft toys and beds are made completely from recycled plastic bottles.

In regards to the BecoBowl, we got the large size for $19.91NZD from Animates, however if you are from Great Britain you can get it straight from the company's website for £4.99. We had the choice of blue, pink or white and so went for the blue to fit in with the boy's collars. The bowl itself is made from rice husks and bamboo, and is 100% biodegradable. Once you have finished with the bowl (by the way it can last years) you can chuck it into your compost bin, or bury it in the ground and within a few years it will be completely decomposed. It is also dishwasher friendly, which I unfortunately cannot comment on as I am old-school and hand wash my dishes.

Since Diego eats like a hungry hyena, he has to eat out of a Slo-Bowl, so we use the bowl as the main water dish. Before the BecoBowl, we just had a cheap plastic bowl that we picked up for a couple of dollars. With the old bowl, I would have to clean it twice daily as the water would get dirty very fast. With the BecoBowl the water stays fresh so much longer. I still do a quick clean every night, but it doesn't technically require it. The way that the bowl is waved means that the dogs can access the water without straining, especially when the bowl is starting to run out of water. The colour of the bowl hasn't faded at all, which is surprising for a bowl especially considering it is constantly filled with water.

I wish I could see if it actually does decompose within a few years, but I really don't have that kind of time frame. Plus, I really don't want to part with this bowl for a long time so I will take their word on it.

I really do recommend this bowl, either for water or food. I really wish Diego could eat out of a normal bowl so that I could match all the water and food dishes. I did see that on the website you can get a rabbit sized bowl, so maybe I will pick up one for Schmutz. The cost in New Zealand is a bit steep, but I feel that the price is worth it in the end as it lasts a long time, keeps the food fresh and helps towards a cleaner earth.

Has anyone else used this bowl? What are your thoughts?


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