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May Bow Wow Box!

May already! I cannot believe that, and for us to be getting the Bow Wow Box it must be late May. For those of you who are new to our blog, Bow Wow Box is a New Zealand based monthly subscription service for dogs. Each month we get one toy, and then a range of treats to try. When purchasing the box you can chose the size of your dog, as well as how many dogs and some of their preferences. You can also add additional toys or treats if you would like for an extra fee. We have been getting the medium sized box since the company first began last year. To get your own box visit

We got the All for Paws Lamo toy as our toy for this month. This toy is a gorgeous soft toy in the shape of a lamb. We have had a toy from All for Paws before that Diego loved. This toy is made in China. We gave this toy to Diego the minute we got the box, and within ten minutes the plastic innards had been ripped out, alongside some stuffing. For a dog that isn't crazy at destroying …

Book Review: Trident K9 Warriors

If you have read any of my previous book reviews, you will know that I am easily influenced by what I read. It's the same with movies. If I watch a dance movie, I will wish for days that I was a good dancer. If I watch a movie about an artist, or a genius, I will wish that I was that talented. So therefore, I really love to read biographies and non-fiction books as it is more possible for me to take learnings from these. It's a bit unrealistic for me to become Tris from Divergent.
This book was no exception to the above rule. It made me passionate about dog training again, and made me wish that I had enough time and money to devote my life to training dogs for a certain purpose.
The book revolves around the dogs, and their training for the Navy Seals. It follows the author (Mike Ritland) and what made him get involved with dogs in military purposes, and then gravitates towards the actual dogs and some stories of them in action over in Iraq or Afghanistan. The dogs are being trai…

Guinea Pig Weekly Vegetables

The weather here in New Zealand has become cold and miserable, preparing us all for a terrible winter. We get all our vegetables from a local market and therefore, have to rely on in season vegetables. This means that we are often changing up what the guinea pigs each, sometimes even weekly it changes. This week we have been rotating through a few different vegetables and thought I would show you what they are!

This is the first days vegetables. On the right is Schmutz' share of vegetables, and on the left is both guinea pigs. BMO and Knuckles get a full leaf of lettuce each, and Schmutz has a half leaf. The lettuce we currently have is just a green leaf lettuce that we found at the local markets for $1.50. They each get a share of capsicum (pepper) which changes colour depending on what is available. Often the green ones are in the best condition, I figure this is because humans prefer some colour in their food. Each day they get half a capsicum, and of that half Schmutz gets a q…