Guinea Pig Weekly Vegetables

The weather here in New Zealand has become cold and miserable, preparing us all for a terrible winter. We get all our vegetables from a local market and therefore, have to rely on in season vegetables. This means that we are often changing up what the guinea pigs each, sometimes even weekly it changes. This week we have been rotating through a few different vegetables and thought I would show you what they are!

This is the first days vegetables. On the right is Schmutz' share of vegetables, and on the left is both guinea pigs. BMO and Knuckles get a full leaf of lettuce each, and Schmutz has a half leaf. The lettuce we currently have is just a green leaf lettuce that we found at the local markets for $1.50.
They each get a share of capsicum (pepper) which changes colour depending on what is available. Often the green ones are in the best condition, I figure this is because humans prefer some colour in their food. Each day they get half a capsicum, and of that half Schmutz gets a quarter, and the pigs get the other three quarters. 
With this cold weather, we can get celery very cheap! This is not a super nutrient food, however the boys love it and therefore I add it in. I always cut it to make sure that there are no long strands that could get caught in the boys throats or digestive systems.

For the next days food, they get the same amount of lettuce. Currently every third day I leave out the lettuce from Schmutz' veges, but I am contemplating changing this to every second day. They also got the same amount of capsicum/pepper as the day before, but I just changed the way I chopped it up.
As a treat, I have given them some carrot each. Carrot is very high in sugar so I probably feed it twice a week and the boys love having it. I give the pigs three slices and Schmutz two slices of a full sized carrot as they are very cheap at the moment!
On top of the vegetables today I added some rosebuds and rose petals. We got these from Little Chintas in little bags. At first the boys weren't fans of the roses, they just pushed them to the side, but I persisted and now they gobble them up straight away. Rose is high in vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants but at the same time low in sugar, so it's perfect for the small pets in our life. We also have a packet of Hibiscus petals that are also a great supplement in the pigs and rabbits feed.

That is what we are rotating around for this week. If you enjoyed seeing what we feed, please leave a comment down below and I will do more of these posts. I would also love to hear what vegetables your small pets are currently eating regularly. 


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