One Podgy Dog Birthday Hamper

Hey! We celebrated Diego's first birthday this past Thursday, and our one big present that we got for him this year was this Birthday Hamper from One Podgy Dog. Before I go further into this hamper, we are hosting a giveaway on our Facebook page to win one of these hampers. Please head on over, enter that, then come back and find out what is inside the hamper you may be winning!
One Podgy Dog is a small New Zealand company, that offers a huge range of different treats and skincare products. We first heard of them through Bow Wow Box, and since then have been meaning to make an order and never got round to it. They make all the products themselves, and make sure to pick only quality New Zealand ingredients.They offer three different sizes of hampers, with the biggest hamper offering the most amount of treats. Instead of directly buying a hamper on the website, we purchased our hamper after having a discussion on Facebook with her. So instead of buying a certain size, we gave her a spend limit including courier fee, and she created this box. The courier cost within New Zealand is $14 and in total I paid $40 for this box. She was amazing to deal with, and made the whole process super easy. I also ordered this very last minute, and she made sure that it got to us in time for Diego's birthday. I definitely recommend purchasing anything from her.

First we got some Venison Popcorn which is essentially just little pieces of 100% New Zealand Venison Lung. The great thing about venison is that it adds another protein source into Diego's diet as this isn't in his daily biscuits. It is also very high in protein.

These thin square cookies are Tripe Bits which are made out of wholemeal flour, whole grain oats, coconut flour, high protein whey powder, meat meal, green tripe and mint. These are fantastic quick treats as they are ready to give straight out of the packet, and are small sized that even a little dog would not have any trouble with them.

Twigies are another form of cookie that is made with Coconut flour, whole grain oats, high protein whey powder, brewers yeast, meat meal, liver, cheese, kelp and soya. These are cool in that they are long sticks, and we have used them a couple of times in our Kong toys which work a treat!
These Chicken Chippies are the same shape as the above Twigies, so straight away I have a lot of uses for these treats when we do finally use them. These contain wholegrain oats, coconut flour, high protein whey powder, free range eggs, Parmesan cheese, garlic, chicken, stock, sesame seeds and parsley. Garlic is a great natural form of flea treatment!

Chicken Necks! I don't think I have met a dog yet that can resist these little morsels. These are just 100% chicken necks, and then roasted and dehydrated. They are super crunchy, and crumbling so watch where you feed your pups these.

This treat is 100% natural, New Zealand lambs lung, and is super high in protein like the venison lung. I like giving these kind of treat to Diego when I am about to head out the door, as it keeps him entertained for longer than general treats, and means I can leave without him even noticing.

This hoof went down a treat with the dogs! This is a cattle hoof and it is actually quite hardy and long wearing. Diego chewed this for multiple hours and then Asha had a go on it for a few hours and it still was only half destroyed! I do warn you ahead of time, although it is great to keep them entertained, it does make their breath smell disgusting!
This is a Deer Stix, which is just venison tendon. I haven't tried this yet but One Podgy Dog says it is fairly long lasting, and what is great about it for puppies is that unlike bones it doesn't splinter or crack. It is also a great chew to help remove plaque off their teeth.
This was my favourite treat as it is so irresistibly cute! This treat is actually what they call a 'Blueberry Duckie' and unsurprising due to the name, contains blueberries. Blueberries are a great form of antioxidant, and are great addition to a dogs diet. Diego had this treat first, and absolutely loved it!


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