Knuckles First Birthday

Hey! On Sunday it was Knuckles' first birthday. I can't believe that he is already one, it feels like a couple of months ago that we got him. When we got Knuckles, we had been on the lookout for another male pig to keep BMO company when we separated him from Schmutz. I hate to say it, but Knuckles is a pet store pig. I have learnt my lesson and will never purchase a pet from any pet store again, but at the time we were having trouble finding a young male at the rescues near us, and we didn't want BMO to be alone for too long.
Once we got him home, we started the bonding process with the two boys. It was so straight forward, and we were so lucky that they got on from the get go. Knuckles has really allowed BMO to get out of his shell. Before Knuckles we had never heard BMO make any noises, not even for vegetables. Now he is the most chatty pig, and so much happier. I love how BMO will lay inside his cuddle sack, and then Knuckles will relax over the top. Another memory, although not a pleasant one is when Knuckles was getting a bit excited to BMO's head, and BMO bit him on his package! Thank goodness it wasn't a bad bite, but boy did it bleed. Thankfully that has healed and there was not too much strife there.
When we got Knuckles I don't think he had had vegetables or fruit much before, so over the past year we have been teaching him to enjoy a range of different types. Now he rushes to the door whenever I come past, hoping to get himself another tasty morsel.
On Sunday, which is Knuckles actual birthday I attempted to make a birthday cake for him to share with BMO and Schmutz. Unfortunately, I didn't do a great job. I thought that I would make the most of the hay that is left at the bottom of our bales, which is short and 'powdery' so I mixed that with grated vegetables. I have seen similar recipes a few times before, but instead of hay, the recipe uses pulverized pellets. I definitely should have stuck to the original recipe, because mine was a flop. In the end, I gave up and threw the entire cake away, and the boys all got a range of vegetables instead.

I thought that for his first year I would share a few of my favourite photos that we have taken.


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