Photo a Day: June #1

Hey! I have decided to start doing a post every so often which is a photo per day for a week. I thought this would be a cool idea to show some of the day to day activities we get up to, and I also hope it helps improve my photography skills. I think I better let you in on a little secret before I begin this post, these photos are not from a consecutive week. They are all from June though. I keep forgetting to bring out the camera to document what we are doing, and I hate phone pictures. I am hoping to be better next week, I promise.
Monday 1st June
It has always been really hard to capture Diego's head tilt in photos, although it features a lot in his real life. 

Wednesday 3rd June
It has been atrociously freezing here recently. Winter has definitely come early for New Zealand, and Diego does not seem to be appreciating it.

Sunday 7th June
Diego's signature face. I was trying to get a photo of him ripping his ball apart, but the minute the camera came out he stopped.

Tuesday 9th June
We found this cool little house that has been donated to the council to use as a public park and have been loving it ever since. 

Thursday 11th June
Recently Diego found this rawhide bone from many months ago. I personally thought he had already ate it, but it was actually hiding behind the couch. Much to his pleasure he ran around proudly with it all day.

Saturday 13th June
I love it when I have time to walk down to the dog beach with Diego. It's not too far away, but longer than our usual walks so I usually save this adventure for the weekend. He loves bounding all over the place and sniffing all the dogs scents that have been there before him. He does stay clear of the actual sea though, which makes playing with dogs very difficult as they generally bound into the water for him to chase them.

Sunday 14th June
Full cage cleaning day for the pigs. Here they are about to enjoy their pellets and vegetables in their BecoBowls. Sorry the pigs haven't featured much this week, I will try to involve them more in the future. 


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