Photo a Day: June #2

Hey! This is our second photo a day for June, and probably our last for this month so hope you enjoy it. For some reason my week this week only lasted five days, but I hope you can forgive me!

Monday 15th June
Knuckles enjoying some fresh water. Even if Knuckles' bottle is half full in the morning, whenever I put fresh water in he runs for it.

Tuesday 16th June
Schnau doing his new favourite morning ritual, which is stealing my slipper before I can put it on and then enjoying the chase around the house. Occasionally Diego joins in, more often than not he just wants breakfast.

Wednesday 17th June
Surprisingly, and probably a little upsetting to some is that we showed Diego his birthday hamper the day before his actual birthday and had our main photoshoot then. It meant it was all ready to go up on his birthday, plus he didn't get any treats on this day.

Thursday 18th June
Diego's birthday! This is the day that he got to delve into some amazing treats, here he is about to enjoy the blueberry duck. I tried to take a photo of him eating it, trust me when I say they are ALL blurry.

Friday 19th June
The mysterious BMO. The reason I don't have many pictures of BMO is because he isn't much of a poser, so every single shot he looks like this jellybean above. We really need to work on his modelling skills.


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