Tough Dog Toy Hunt: goDog Baby Dragon

When you have a dog that likes to destroy toys in an instant, it is hard to find something that will stand against their teeth and will power. Diego is that exact dog. Nothing has ever lasted very long with him, and as he has got older it has gotten worse. My partner and I then went on a quest to find some tough toys that would withstand our little staffy. We found a blog post listing the authors top ten favourite pit bull toys, and immediately put an order in on Amazon to get four of those items shipped to us from America.
I have decided that it would be awesome to start a series of testing these 'tough' and 'pit bull proof' toys on Diego, an English Staffordshire Bull Terrier crossed with a Miniature Dachshund. I hope that this will help other owners that are struggling with a destructive dog to find toys that will last.
First off we start with the goDog Baby Dragon. This is a plush toy which claims to be one of the toughest soft toys available and features a unique chew guard technology.
"Chew Guard Technology is a manufacturing process that adds a super tough, durable liner to soft plush toys. The Chew Guard lining was specially engineered to withstand tough play. All seams are double stiched, and reinforced." 
This toy is super cute, and I have never seen any other toys in this shape or following this idea. It has very minimal stuffing, and has a loud squeaker in the middle of it. We got our one in the large, and of Periwinkle colouring, but they come in both large and small, and offer six different colouring options. They are selling on Amazon currently for $9.49USD.
I am going to start with saying that I do not expect this to last very long. Typical plush toys that Diego gets generally are gone within the first ten minutes of him getting them. I do hope it will last at least a few weeks, but that is more because of the fact it was sent from America, and we want to get as much use out of it as possible. Being realistic, I think it will last a few days.
I gave this to Diego one morning while I was getting ready for work. I am sad to say that within an hour, he had ripped a hole in the back of the dragon so I put it back away. Comparing that with other plush toys, it did withstand a lot more of Diego's time and I think that the idea around the toy is great.
I gave it to him again today while I was lounging around home, and him and the Schnauzer played with it for a while without doing anymore damage to the hole in the back. Once the Schnau got sick of the action, Diego went to work with his pulling technique that he uses on all toys. He puts his front feet onto the toy, and while holding it down he grabs on with his teeth and pulls up. This is why toys get destroyed so fast. He managed to rip the back a lot more (as you can see from the photos) and pull out the stuffing as well as the squeaker. However, now that he has accomplished getting all the stuffing out he is happy just mouthing the toys, and has cuddled up with it for a nap.
I really, really wanted this toy to last because I love the idea of it, and love how they have executed it with such a great design. Unfortunately, if it hasn't lasted with him, I doubt how well it would do with a purebred staffy or pit bull. Now that it has the giant rip in its back, it is like all our other plush toys which are laying around, flat, and looking tatty. I am very tempted to buy one for Schmutz the rabbit just because of how much I like it, and just not let Diego near it. I think this toy would work great for dogs that rip a few toys, and like toys, but don't set out to destroy. For my rating, I am torn as to what to give it. On one hand it did do what the packaging states, and was the toughest plush toy we have tried. On the other, it did not last long at all, and shouldn't be falling under the 'tough pit bull' toys category.


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