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Guinea Pig Wishlist

Hey! It's been a long time since I have got the pigs something new. Since getting Diego I haven't grabbed as much products for them as I used to. Dogs take up a lot of expenses, and Diego is a pet that demands new things and attention. I have now made up a wishlist of things I would like to get for the boys, some things are probably unobtainable in the near future due to them being near impossible for me to ship them into New Zealand, others are things I will hopefully get in the next few months.

Polar Fleece Items
I have a few cuddle sacks made by Little Chintas and BMO especially loves these. I have never seen a pig so happy. He actually sleeps in these, with his little legs kicked out and eyes closed. When there is no polar fleece items in the cage, he does not sleep like this. I want to get a few more polar fleece items for them, but in another style. I don't really care what style, I just would love something new and see how crazy BMO goes for it. We are also in the mi…

Rainbow Lorikeet: Zeus

Hey! Since I have moved back to my mums home, I get too hang out with all her pets as well as my younger sisters birds. I have practiced a lot of guinea pig, rabbit and dog photography, but haven't yet dabbled with birds and cats. Zeus is a great model to begin bird photography with. His feathers are wonderfully bright, and he manages to sit still just long enough for me to snap a few pictures before he moves. I shared a photo on our Facebook page and a couple of people said they would like to see all the photos we took in that shoot. Bare in mind that these photos are all from my one and only time shooting a bird but I will keep working with him and hopefully get a few more great shots to show you.

June Bow Wow Box

Hey! Every month, I worry how I have spent so much money, then a few moments later I will check my bank transactions and breathe a sigh of relief that it's only Bow Wow Box. A few short seconds later, and I am dancing with excitement on what will be coming in our box, and wondering how soon I can get my mitts on it. Thankfully, this month was prompt.
If you are not sure what I am talking about, Bow Wow Box is a New Zealand based monthly subscription service for dogs that delivers a box of treats and a toy to your door. The great thing about it is that they have a range of boxes to cover many different sizes of pet, and can even add extra if you have multiple dogs. We have been getting the medium sized box since the company first began last year. To get your own box visit

Let's begin this month with the toys, which we got two of! First one is a plush fish. I don't have much to say about it, apart from that I find it very creepy looking. I won'…

July Update!

Hey everyone! July is here, and gosh it doesn't feel right. I feel like it was only just May and I was in Australia, but it has been a good month and a half since then. I think June has been one of my best blogging months of the year and I do want that to continue into July. I managed to get a total of 7 posts up in the month, hosted a giveaway on our Facebook page, celebrated Diego's birthday, and had a photoshoot at one of the Small Dog Socials. All in all, I feel it was successful and am quite proud of the work I have put in.

I have recently had to move back to my mothers home due to unforeseen circumstances, and the horrible thing about this is that mum does not have a fenced yard. This means that for the last few weeks of June and the first few weeks of July Diego will be still living at my old home. All should be fine by the end of the month though, I am picking up a new car this weekend and then working on fencing a yard for him in the next week or two. I will tr…