Guinea Pig Wishlist

Hey! It's been a long time since I have got the pigs something new. Since getting Diego I haven't grabbed as much products for them as I used to. Dogs take up a lot of expenses, and Diego is a pet that demands new things and attention. I have now made up a wishlist of things I would like to get for the boys, some things are probably unobtainable in the near future due to them being near impossible for me to ship them into New Zealand, others are things I will hopefully get in the next few months.

Polar Fleece Items
I have a few cuddle sacks made by Little Chintas and BMO especially loves these. I have never seen a pig so happy. He actually sleeps in these, with his little legs kicked out and eyes closed. When there is no polar fleece items in the cage, he does not sleep like this. I want to get a few more polar fleece items for them, but in another style. I don't really care what style, I just would love something new and see how crazy BMO goes for it. We are also in the middle of winter, so any extra warmth I can give to them, the better. Maybe I could make my own, I doubt I could make them as great as Little Chintas or other stores though.

Willow Toys
Once upon a time we had a willow ball, which was destroyed in a few days. I did a review on that toy here. Now I would love to get more willow toys for the boys since it is one of the only toys I have seen them actually enjoy. They aren't heavy chewers, so anything they do chew, I need to keep supplying to them to keep their teeth down. I love the options that people in the US and UK get, however we are unable to get most of those shipped into New Zealand due to our customs conditions.

Playtime Little Creature Creations
I have liked this companies Facebook Page which means that I am constantly seeing all the amazing products that they make! I also watch several YouTubers that are always purchasing things from here, and I am incredibly jealous. They make awesome wooden and cardboard toys and they are so wonderfully decorated. Some of my favourites are the wooden donuts with corrugated cardboard in the centre and the cupcakes made out of the same corrugated cardboard. If you are in the US I definitely recommend that you have a look at their shop. Unfortunately for me, shipping is incredibly expensive, more expensive than any of the actual products. Maybe one day shipping will be cheaper and I can purchase a few things. Until then I can only dream.

Dried Grasses/Dandelions/Roots
Recently I have been seeing quite a few hauls from American and UK Youtubers that contain the Rosewood Naturals Range. These look amazing and I imagine that the pigs would love any of the dried grasses and flowers. Unfortunately in New Zealand, Rosewood isn't available and we have no alternative brand that carries those kind of products. I had a thought that it might be possible to make some of my own, I will do some research and see what I can whip up.

BunSpace Bunny Bites
Living in New Zealand is such a pain when small companies overseas make such amazing products. I have always wanted to try some of Bunspaces Bunny Bites. They look amazing and I bet you they would go down a treat with my two boys. They are little compressed bite sized treats that are 100% natural and are made in California. If anyone knows of any companies that make something similar in New Zealand, please tell me!

That is all for my current wishlist. Hopefully some of these come true and if they do I will do another post to show you how it went. What's on your current wishlist?


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