June Bow Wow Box

Hey! Every month, I worry how I have spent so much money, then a few moments later I will check my bank transactions and breathe a sigh of relief that it's only Bow Wow Box. A few short seconds later, and I am dancing with excitement on what will be coming in our box, and wondering how soon I can get my mitts on it. Thankfully, this month was prompt.
If you are not sure what I am talking about, Bow Wow Box is a New Zealand based monthly subscription service for dogs that delivers a box of treats and a toy to your door. The great thing about it is that they have a range of boxes to cover many different sizes of pet, and can even add extra if you have multiple dogs.  We have been getting the medium sized box since the company first began last year. To get your own box visit http://www.bowwowbox.co.nz/

Let's begin this month with the toys, which we got two of! First one is a plush fish. I don't have much to say about it, apart from that I find it very creepy looking. I won't be giving this toy to Diego since I am sick of him destroying toys in seconds. Possibly going to throw it in a giveaway soon. If you do want to win this, we will be hosting the giveaway on our FaceBook Page, so like that so you can keep up to date.
The second toy is a rope ball. I love this. It is a very tough feeling ball, and is tightly wrapped that I believe Diego won't destroy it too quickly. I was looking at buying one of these a few months back, and I am so glad I didn't since now I have a practically free one. Both toys are made by the same company. I struggled finding these exact products online, so can't give you a rough price for these.

First treat pack we got is the K9 Natural Venison Treats. These are freeze dried treats, which is made up of venison, venison heart and venison kidney. We have had these treats before in a different protein and Diego went crazy for them. The great thing about these is that they are perfectly sized for training, and easy to rip apart to make smaller treats. These treats retail for $9.95 NZD for a 50g pack.

Our next treat is a pack of Beef Liver reward straps made by Nature's Gift. I have never seen these in any stores before, but they are very similar to Schmackos. These treats are made from fresh beef, and can be snapped to your desired treat size. When I had Daisy this type of treat was my favourite since she was tiny and all treats were too big for training. Nature's Gift is an Australian company and all treats are made in Australia. This was another product that I had trouble finding online, I found a very similar product on a New Zealand site, around the same size for $5.50 NZD. However, I don't think these are currently on sale anywhere within the country.

My favourite treats of the month is the Cracking Pet Treats Real Pork Crackle. This product is 100% pork rind and has no additives, preservatives, artificial flavours or colouring. These are also 100% New Zealand made. I can't wait to give these to Diego since they are the kind of treat that him and Asha go crazy over. This box is filled with treats and toys that I cannot find for the life of me online. I do apologize.

The last treat is a couple of ribs that are unbranded, just chucked into the box. I am happy that there is two, one for each dog. They look like they will be a good treat that will last a few minutes, and be enjoyed by both pups.

All in all I did love this box, however I wish that the products inside were more easily obtained in case I fall in love. I can't really give you a total price of this box as I had a heap of trouble tracking down these products. I am tempted to cancel this subscription box, not due to being unsatisfied, just because we are drowning in treats and I want to be able to use up the treats we have that are still good. However, I am so worried that the next boxes are going to be amazing and I will miss out. Eeek, so not sure what to do. Otherwise I just need to start giving away more treat packets on my Facebook and to my dog friends. What do you think I should do? Leave a comment down below.


  1. Donate any leftovers to your local SPCA or local Dog rescue.


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