July Bow Wow Box

Another month, another Bow Wow Box! This month our box got mixed up with some courier delivery problems and didn't arrive. Thankfully Andy is a great guy and sent us another box as soon as possible. The wait was torturous but well worth it because I really like the look of this box. If you are new to our blog, Bow Wow Box is a monthly subscription service for dogs where they send a toy and some treats straight to your doorstep. We get the medium sized box which costs us $33.95 a month.

First off we got Veal Bones.I love how we got a two pack, so I can give one to Diego and the other to Asha. What is great is that there is a sticker on the back side of plastic there is a sticker that states that these should only be consumed under supervision. Since these are unbranded I can't give you an exact price but I would say around $5 - 7 NZD for these.

Our toy for the month is this Stuff 'N' Roll treat holder. This is an awesome rubber ball shaped toy, that has groves to hold treats. It has a space down the middle that would be perfect for Dentastix as it has a plus shaped centre. I am so excited to give this to Diego as it combines both of his favourite things, ball and toys. I can't work out how long this will last with Diego's rugged playing technique, so I will update you all on how it goes! I have found a link to an American stockist and then converted the funds to NZD. This works out to be $26.30 in New Zealand, but looks like we would have to get it sent from overseas. Stuff 'n' Roll

The next treat that we got is the Superior Farms Pet Provisions Beef Jerky. These are long strips of beef which have hollowed out. They look like treats that Asha would love, as he loves the chews that don't take ages to eat, but aren't crunchy either. There is quite a few jerky strips in this pack so they will last quite a long time. The other great thing about these is that they fit perfectly in the Stuff 'N' Roll! I searched and searched the web to find these exact treats and couldn't find them anywhere! I even searched the companies website and couldn't find them. Basing it on other treats that the company sells, I have average these to be about $10 NZD.

Lastly we got the Hill's Ideal Balance Soft-Baked Naturals dog treats. The flavour we got is chicken and carrots. I love the look of these, they are bone shaped with the cutest little heart indented in the middle of them. These are perfect training treats for any sized dog, as they originally are big sized for your larger dogs, but they are also super easy to break up and feed to smaller dogs. I also like how the pack has a use by date for after opening as most dog treats do not have that. We found them on Pet.co.nz for $9.68. Hills Ideal Balance Soft-Baked Naturals.

I loved this months box so much! Everything we got is something that we can use with either Diego or Asha. Usually the toy is something that Diego would destroy in seconds, but I feel like the toy this month is going to last so much longer. The box value ending up being around $52.90! That is the biggest value we have had since calculating the rough value. If you would like to order a box for next month go like their Facebook Page or go directly to their website.


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