Tough Dog Toy Hunt: JollyPets Romp-N-Roll

Hey! In April we got a package of dog toys from America in the hopes that their 'pitbull dog toy' status could stand up against Diego. We have spent the next few months having these toys constantly around to see how they last and if they last. To give you some context, Diego is a staffy crossed with a miniature dachshund however, 90% of toys that he has will be destroyed within a week. He will completely rip apart any soft toys he gets his mouth on within minutes, and has even chewed apart a Kong!
I have seen multiple zoo enclosures with toys from the JollyPets range, as well as a lot of amazing reviews from pitbull and staffy owners. This meant I absolutely had to get my hands on something from their range! Currently in New Zealand I don't believe we can order it from within the country, but I managed to order it and get it shipped easily from Amazon. I ordered on April 6th and it arrived at my house on April 17th! I was so surprised at how fast it arrived, as I did not pay any extra for faster shipping and usually overseas packages take over a month!
The Romp-N-Roll is a rope and ball combo which is perfect for individual or group play. The rope is through the centre of the ball, and is not locked in place so the ball can move freely. The actual ball is made of the same materials as other balls in the Jolly Pets range which means it is super strong. This toy also floats, even when punctured for all you swimming pups. The toy comes in three sizes so could suit any dog small or large. I got our Romp-N-Roll for $16.64 NZD and it is the 8inch size. Get your own here. 

When I first gave Diego the Romp-N-Roll he went crazy. He loves all balls, but especially is keen on soccer balls and similar ones of that size. He also loves tug ropes so he would grab the rope at one end and shake his head til the ball went to the end of the rope closest to his head, and then he would change which part of the rope he was holding back to the other end. I was so worried he would hurt himself, as the ball was smashing the side of his body. Unfortunately, the rope didn't last long. The next day he managed to get the rope out, and was very proud of himself.

The great thing about this toy is that the ball is very strong! Generally Diego can pop soccer balls quite successfully, and from there they are flat. However, with this ball it has last right up til today, and probably into the future as well. There are teeth marks ALL over it, and it looks rugged as, but its still in ball shape, still bounces and still takes him a while to bite into it. He has had the ball non stop since April 19th and plays with it every second day, if not every day with no problems. I would say that this ball is his favourite out of all our current toys.

Do I think its tough enough for Pitbulls or bigger dogs? Yes. It may not last as long as we have had it, but I definitely believe that this is a rugged enough toy to last atleast a few months. The rope portion will not last if the dog has constant access to the toy. I think if you are after a great rope/tug toy, don't get this one. But if you are after a sturdy ball you can try this and accept the fact that the rope will come out soon. I would love to purchase another toy out of the JollyPets range and I really hope the quality is as good as this one. I would rate this toy a 7 out of 10 on our Tough Dog Toy Hunt.

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