Treat Review: Yaky Charms

Hey! We were lucky enough to win a contest to do a treat review on a mystery treat from Puss & Pooch. Puss & Pooch is an online pet store that imports quality, premium pet products and apparel directly from the USA. I have had all my interactions with Janelle who is the owner, and I have to say she has been a pleasure to deal with! Everything was sent out promptly, and she included a bunch of magnets, and a pen with the treats. Puss & Pooch was established in 2011, and came about due to the fact that New Zealand lacks a bunch of the great products that America has. Along with these treats, there are a bunch of awesome products on their site, and I am very keen to make a large order when I can!
The treats that we got sent to review are Yaky Charms, which is a type of dog 'popcorn'. I was so excited to get these in the post, as I have seen them all over American bloggers and vloggers posts! Yaky Charms are made using techniques developed by the people of Himalayas, derived from an ancient recipe to convert milk into hard cheese. These treats are 100% natural with no artificial preservatives, colours or flavours and are gluten, wheat, corn, soy and lactose free. They are also high in protein and low in fat. Pretty much, they are the perfect guilt free treat to be feeding to your dog.
What I think is the best part of these treats, is that you have to pop them in the microwave to serve. They are packaged in similar packaging to popcorn, and all you do is unfold the package and put it into the microwave for a few minutes. Once they are all popped, you just take them out and wait a few moments before sharing them with your pups. I warn you all now, I did half burn our first packet as the popping is VERY quiet, and I thought that they hadn't popped. I put the second pack into the microwave for two minutes, and they were perfect.
The charms do pop to be different sizes, and are light, white puffs. My mother thought they looked like very similar to polystyrene. Smell wise, they do let off a very distinctive scent, and it's not overly pleasant nor overly disgusting. Although, I wouldn't recommend popping them before having visitors.
Now for the most important part, what did the dogs think of them? Both dogs were a bit apprehensive at first, but after the first charm they were hooked! Because of  how light they are, the dogs only had to chew them a few times and then they were gone. I don't feel bad for giving multiple charms as they wouldn't fill them up too much, or make them fat. When doing the photoshoots, both Asha and Diego kept sneaking a charm or two.
Would I recommend them? Yes, I think they are great! I admit they are probably more of a novelty treat, than something I would use on a constant basis. I will definitely be buying another few packets once they launch, and the great thing about them, is that they last in the cupboard for ages before use. I think that every dog owner should give it a go once, and then from there have a packet or two for special occasions. I also think they would make a great gift. These treats launch on Puss & Pooch in August so make sure you follow them on Facebook so you get an update on when they are available. We will also post on our Daisy Pets Facebook page when they launch!


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