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Welcome to Daisy Pets Halloween

Welcome to October, and welcome to Daisy Pets Halloween! Saying that I love Halloween is an understatement. I wish that it was acceptable to get dressed up everyday of October in a different Halloween outfit, and I have already started to decorate my office at work. In New Zealand, we are not huge celebrators of Halloween, so therefore I need an outlet to support my addiction to Halloween. With that being said, I have decided to do Daisy Pets Halloween which will be for the full month of October. Every Monday and Thursday there will be a new blog post featuring Halloween crafts, products and ideas. I may throw a couple of surprise posts in amongst those ones, but definitely there will be one out every Monday and Thursday. I have made sure to include both the dogs and the guinea pigs so that every type of pet owner can join in.
To save you the hassle of going through all our posts to find the Halloween themed content, I will make a list on this post, with clickable links so that you ca…

September Bow Wow Box

So in last months unboxing I said that I would be cancelling our Bow Wow Box service. Well, that didn't happen. Bow Wow Box had a confusing cancelling service, so I decided I wouldn't do it on my phone and would wait until I got home from work, and then it just never eventuated. I am now going to cancel it after our Halloween box next month. I promise. I packed up the last three months worth of treats and gave them to my partners mum for her two pups.

Multi Pet Lamb Chop

When I opened the box, I wasn't overwhelmed with yet another soft toy since I don't even bother giving them to Diego anymore. However, showing my mum, she got super excited to see LambChop. I also showed my partner and got the same reaction. I obviously am just a bit too young to understand the attraction to this particular toy. Mum has now claimed it for her greyhound that she doesn't yet have. I have seen this toy in a little family owned pet store in my area, but not at any of the big company pet…

Feline Plasma Cell Pododermatitis Update

Hey! One of my most viewed posts is our post on when my mothers cat Missy got diagnosed with Feline Plasma Cell Pododermatitis (Puffy Foot). I reread over the posts I wrote when she was first diagnosed, and realised that I said I would give an update and that never really happened, so I will do it now, over a year on. If you want to read the first posts, they are here and here.

Missy was first diagnosed with Feline Plasma Cell Pododermatitis in May 2014. As the previous posts state, we discovered this after she was leaving blood marks where ever she walked, and found that her pads had ripped open. After diagnosis she was given a steroid shot, and was on twice daily antibiotics while being crated. In the end we had her crated for roughly about a month, and then slowly introduced her back into her normal life of being outside most of the time.

I will be honest with you, we never took her back to the vet after those weeks. Her pads had gone down significantly, and were no longer ripped or…

Guinea Pig Update

I know what you are thinking, 'We haven't heard about the guinea pigs for a long time', 'What happened to her guinea pigs?', 'Are they still around?'. I would like you to know that the answers to those are 'Yes, I apologize.', 'They don't currently live at the same house as me, but are very well loved and cared for still and I see them multiple times a week.'
Great, with that all sorted out, let me update you on their lives.
We still have BMO and Knuckles and since the death of our rabbit, Schmutz, they have taken up residence in his cage. They are loving the bigger area for them to explore, and it means we can set up multiple different hides and toys for them to enjoy. They have been still maintaining a great diet of hay, pellets and vegetables but also have a lot more grass than previously. I promised in another post that I would update you on how to grow grass inside, but as of yet I haven't really managed to succeed in that. We h…

New Products of September

Hey! Recently we have been getting new products that are not ready for full individual reviews, but I am so excited about each product that I cannot wait to show you them. Therefore, here is a post dedicated to all the new products that we have received lately. Most of these will be reviewed in depth in later posts, so I will link them when I do post end up posting them.

Collar and Leash Set from Bow Wow Boutique
In my July Update post I wrote about how I have been on the lookout for a decent collar or harness that lights up or reflects for when we have to walk at night. I did contact Alex from Bow Wow Boutique and ask if she had anything in stock, at the time she said no. A few hours later she sent me another message with a link to a collar that she could buy and trial a light up collar with. From there spawned this collar and leash. She made three I believe, and it is still in trial stages, but so far this collar has been amazing. The actual light is so bright and extremely hard to m…

Tess the Dachshund Dog Charity Event

This past Saturday we went to a dog charity event to support Tess the Dachshund. Tess is a local dog that broke her back, and the Wellington dog community has really got behind the cause to raise funds for her surgery and rehabilitation. This event was one of the last events to raise funds for her and I was glad I could be a part of it and donate some of my funds to the cause. We took both Diego and Asha and both dogs had a blast. This event was hosted in Porirua at the New Zealand Kennel Club grounds. They had the building fenced off into two areas, one for small dogs and another area for the rest of the dogs and allowed the dogs to all run off leash together and interact uninhibited. Asha is a right pain on walks, and barks constantly. We have tried many tricks to try and stop this and nothing has worked. At this event, Asha didn't bark once. He had the freedom to explore the whole area, wee on everything and sniff plenty of doggy bottoms that he didn't have time to think a…

August Bow Wow Box

Today we are bringing yet another Bow Wow Box review/unboxing to you! This month is going to be our last month for a while because we are now inundated with treats and the dogs cannot keep up! I have been putting off cancelling our subscription for a while now since I love supporting small pet businesses, but we are getting on the border of ridiculousness now. I swear we have about ten packs of unopened treats, and even more that have been opened. Once we are all caught up we will start the box again.
If you are new to our blog, or haven't read any of our unboxing posts previously, Bow Wow Box is a monthly subscription box for dogs. We pay $33.95 to get a medium sized box, which contains one toy and a range of treats each month. They travel anywhere in New Zealand for free, and deliver around the 20th of each month. To get your own box visit 
Multipet Loofa Launcher Our toy for this month is this soft toy 'launcher'. The concept of this is good, however …