August Bow Wow Box

Today we are bringing yet another Bow Wow Box review/unboxing to you! This month is going to be our last month for a while because we are now inundated with treats and the dogs cannot keep up! I have been putting off cancelling our subscription for a while now since I love supporting small pet businesses, but we are getting on the border of ridiculousness now. I swear we have about ten packs of unopened treats, and even more that have been opened. Once we are all caught up we will start the box again.
If you are new to our blog, or haven't read any of our unboxing posts previously, Bow Wow Box is a monthly subscription box for dogs. We pay $33.95 to get a medium sized box, which contains one toy and a range of treats each month. They travel anywhere in New Zealand for free, and deliver around the 20th of each month. To get your own box visit 

Our toy for this month is this soft toy 'launcher'. The concept of this is good, however I found it a little bit harder to use. The head you can pull apart from the rest of the body on a bungy cord, and if you hold the rope tail while doing this you can fling the toy further than a general throw. I just couldn't get the hang of it, and I only got a few practices before Diego had destroyed it. This toy would be great for smaller dogs that like to fetch, and bigger dogs that aren't as destructive as Diego. I really enjoyed the colour of this one, my favourite colour. This toy retails for $20.10.

The first treat we got this month is the Zeal Free Range Naturals Wags. These are slow oven dried NZ Beef Tails. Nothing extra is added into these, so therefore they are a great treat for your dogs. They are high in protein and low in fat. They are also vaccine, steriod, chemical and antibiotic free. I think these look like they will last a little bit longer than the average treat and give your dog some entertainment while trying to chew them. I am going to add these to a couple of our treat toys to make them last extra long. These treats retail for $6.39.

Our next treat is these AlfaPet Chicken Sticks. These are dehydrated at a low temperature instead of oven baking to try and maximise the amount of goodness that is retained in the chicken. As with all the treats the Bow Wow Box supplies, these are 100% natural with no additives or preservatives. These are great training treats as you can tear them up depending on the size of your pooch. I haven't used any just yet so I cannot yet say how easy they do rip apart. These retail for $7.99.

Our last pack of treats for this month is the Dogs Delight K9 Cookies in Salmon and Flaxseed. Dogs Delight is a small business located in the South Island of New Zealand and they make all their own dog treats and biscuits. None of their products have hidden nasties like a lot of commercial treats. They have a bunch of different flavours but I am excited for Diego to try the Salmon and Flaxseed ones as this is a treat flavour he doesn't often get. You can buy these directly from Dogs Delight for $9.95

In total, the value of contents within the box came to the value of $44.43. My favourite part of this box is the Dogs Delight which is a business that I have not ever known about, and now that I do, I am excited to order some more treats from them. Of course, I can't order those til we have eaten our way through the rest of the treats. Since I won't be doing the Bow Wow Box posts in the near future, to replace these monthly posts I need a new idea. Any suggestions? Feel free to leave those below. As always thanks for reading.


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