Guinea Pig Update

I know what you are thinking, 'We haven't heard about the guinea pigs for a long time', 'What happened to her guinea pigs?', 'Are they still around?'. I would like you to know that the answers to those are 'Yes, I apologize.', 'They don't currently live at the same house as me, but are very well loved and cared for still and I see them multiple times a week.'
Great, with that all sorted out, let me update you on their lives.

We still have BMO and Knuckles and since the death of our rabbit, Schmutz, they have taken up residence in his cage. They are loving the bigger area for them to explore, and it means we can set up multiple different hides and toys for them to enjoy. They have been still maintaining a great diet of hay, pellets and vegetables but also have a lot more grass than previously. I promised in another post that I would update you on how to grow grass inside, but as of yet I haven't really managed to succeed in that. We have stuck to gathering grass outdoors around our area in local parks. However, when they move to their new abode, there will be a bigger outdoor area that we will be able to have some grass fenced off from the dogs specifically for them. I will also try and grow some other grass inside and one day you will get to see a post on that.

I want to start getting back into posting about them more, but to be honest, I am not too sure what to post about. I don't buy much new products for them, and when I do, it's generally something that we have previously had like food or hay. I don't find that either pig really chews too much, and I supply them with fruit tree branches to file their teeth. I would love to know some recommendations on blog topics, or something you have seen that you would like me to review.

With that being said, I have got some blog posts lined up for next month that feature the pigs, and that I am very excited to post. I also have a toy that I originally got for Schmutz that we never got around to trying that I would like to trial on the pigs. It is one of those mind toys where they have to move pieces to uncover treats/vegetables. I am not sure if BMO or Knuckles is actually that motivated to do it, but we will try. 

I went through a stage of being good at getting photos of the boys, but recently that has lulled. I would love to get back into that as I do love the difficulty of making the pigs look more like an animal than a jelly bean. This month I have been better at taking my camera out more with Diego, but will have to fit in some time to do some photoshoots with the pigs. 

This post has just been a ramble, and I have typed this all in one go with no editing, so I hope you enjoy it. I want to try and make this update as authentic as possible. Please push me to do more pig posts because I do love the pigs, and want to share them with you more. 


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