New Products of September

Hey! Recently we have been getting new products that are not ready for full individual reviews, but I am so excited about each product that I cannot wait to show you them. Therefore, here is a post dedicated to all the new products that we have received lately. Most of these will be reviewed in depth in later posts, so I will link them when I do post end up posting them.

Collar and Leash Set from Bow Wow Boutique
In my July Update post I wrote about how I have been on the lookout for a decent collar or harness that lights up or reflects for when we have to walk at night. I did contact Alex from Bow Wow Boutique and ask if she had anything in stock, at the time she said no. A few hours later she sent me another message with a link to a collar that she could buy and trial a light up collar with. From there spawned this collar and leash. She made three I believe, and it is still in trial stages, but so far this collar has been amazing. The actual light is so bright and extremely hard to miss so I love walking Diego in it knowing that people will be able to see him. One thing I have noticed about other light up collars is that they are plain or unappealing in normal light, however this one still looks awesome during the day and you wouldn't be able to tell that it had a light in it.

ZeeDog Eggplant from Wolves of Wellington
Wolves of Wellington is an online site that has recently launched selling products from overseas to us New Zealanders. They pre-sold some products at the Tess the Dachshund dog event we went to earlier in the month and that is where we picked up this awesome dog toy. Diego has only played with this once so far, and he loved it. He went absolutely crazy for it, and that was without it having any sort of treat inside it. This product could be compared to the typical Kong so I am excited to find out how well it stands against Diego.

Leanlix from Puss & Pooch
Puss & Pooch were lovely enough to send us a care package of their newest products, and this was in the parcel. It is a dog treat that is in a stick form that you can wind up and they lick it to get the goodness. We have had a similar one to this but Diego would try and bite on the ball dispenser which with the Leanlix he doesn't! Diego seems to really like it, and I will be using it to train him on his next trick. It is so much less mess, calories and hassle than normal training treats so it will be cool to see how it works out with a training purpose.

Freezy Pups from Puss & Pooch
Alongside the Leanlix, Puss & Pooch sent us a Freezy Pups Kit. This is a complete kit to make the Freezy Pups treats, which essentially is flavoured ice cubes. This comes with the bone shaped ice cube tray, and four organic flavour packets in Chicken Soup, White Cheddar Cheese, Juicy Apple, and Sweet Potato n' Maple. I am very excited to try this when the weather gets a bit warmer. We have made carrot and yoghurt ice cubes before and the dogs loved it so I am very keen to see how these work out. The size of the tray is great as well, as you can put the frozen treat inside a kong for the dogs to work for.

This is just a few of the things we have received recently, there is a few more products but they will come to light later this month, early next month. We have a huge plan in place for the blog in October so definitely follow our social media so you can stay up to date on all of that. If there is any products you would like us to pick up to review please leave a comment below and we will try and get our hands on it so we can give you our honest opinion.


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