September Bow Wow Box

So in last months unboxing I said that I would be cancelling our Bow Wow Box service. Well, that didn't happen. Bow Wow Box had a confusing cancelling service, so I decided I wouldn't do it on my phone and would wait until I got home from work, and then it just never eventuated. I am now going to cancel it after our Halloween box next month. I promise. I packed up the last three months worth of treats and gave them to my partners mum for her two pups.

Multi Pet Lamb Chop

When I opened the box, I wasn't overwhelmed with yet another soft toy since I don't even bother giving them to Diego anymore. However, showing my mum, she got super excited to see LambChop. I also showed my partner and got the same reaction. I obviously am just a bit too young to understand the attraction to this particular toy. Mum has now claimed it for her greyhound that she doesn't yet have. I have seen this toy in a little family owned pet store in my area, but not at any of the big company pet stores. I easily found it on Amazon and it retails for $7.48 NZT.

Superior Farms Venison Waffles
We have received quite a few of the Superior Farms range over the year that we have been getting Bow Wow Box. They use 100% pure meat that is raised and killed in New Zealand. In their products they always have no artificial colours or flavours and are generally just pure meat. This month we got 100% venison in 'waffle' chunks. These are always a great treat to give if you want the dogs busy for a few moments, and I know that both Diego and Asha always really love Superior Farms products. These retail online for $6.68 NZT

Rewardz Gourmet Treats Selection
These treats are so cute. They are in a huge range of shapes including paw prints and flowers. Rewardz believe in hand made, organic and gourmet dog treats, and will only use first grade human food ingredients that are locally sourced. These treats that we got are a selection of what they offer and include roast lambs fry, tripe, chicken, bacon, fresh seafood, kelp powder, natural colours, beetroot, pumpkin, spinach, oats, canola oil, sunflower seed, organic wholemeal flour, milk powder, natural preservatives and Vitamin C & E. I couldn't find these treats anywhere online, and have no idea where they sell these so unfortunately couldn't find a retail price.

Chicken Chews
These are chicken necks! Diego loves chicken necks, and I figure that Asha also would share those feelings. These are just dried chicken necks and are a great treat that also helps with dental hygiene.  I am not sure the exact place that these certain ones were sourced from, but have linked a place that also stock chicken necks. We reviewed chicken necks in one of our first reviews that you can view here. These retail for $6.20 NZT.

This months box was alright, definitely not my favourite box. It was all from brands that we have previously had in other boxes, and nothing stood out as something that I would love to try. Although, people have really shown great interest in the lamb chop so I think this depends on whether you know the tv show or not. The value of the box (excluding the Rewardz treats) comes to $20.36. I figure the Rewardz treats could retail for anywhere between $8-$12 but cannot say for sure which would put the total value under or just at the price of the box. This is one of the lowest months since I have been calculating value. I still think the concept of the box, and the fact that you get healthy treats to your door without any pre-thought is really helpful. I especially think this would be great if you don't generally go to pet stores and spend heaps. What are your thoughts of the Bow Wow Box?


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