Tess the Dachshund Dog Charity Event

This past Saturday we went to a dog charity event to support Tess the Dachshund. Tess is a local dog that broke her back, and the Wellington dog community has really got behind the cause to raise funds for her surgery and rehabilitation. This event was one of the last events to raise funds for her and I was glad I could be a part of it and donate some of my funds to the cause. We took both Diego and Asha and both dogs had a blast. This event was hosted in Porirua at the New Zealand Kennel Club grounds. They had the building fenced off into two areas, one for small dogs and another area for the rest of the dogs and allowed the dogs to all run off leash together and interact uninhibited. Asha is a right pain on walks, and barks constantly. We have tried many tricks to try and stop this and nothing has worked. At this event, Asha didn't bark once. He had the freedom to explore the whole area, wee on everything and sniff plenty of doggy bottoms that he didn't have time to think about barking. 
We did take our camera down, and got a few shots. Unfortunately we couldn't spend too much time adjusting the settings as we had to watch both dogs to make sure they weren't doing things they weren't meant to, or going to the bathroom. Hope you like the following photos, and if any of these are your dog, feel free to use the photo or email us for the high definition copy. 


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