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Play Dead! | DaisyPets Halloween

Hey! This will be our last post for the month of October, and although it was hard to try and come up with original ideas each Monday and Thursday, I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge. I love to celebrate Halloween and this meant that I could celebrate it for the whole month.
To finish off our wonderful series I decided that it only seemed fitting to teach your dog a new trick that can be used during the Halloween season. Therefore we chose Play Dead. Diego had not previously been taught this trick so throughout the month of October we slowly taught him how to do it. It took a bit of patience at the beginning, but once he had it, we were away smiling. I would love to videos or photos of your dog learning the Play Dead command, so leave a comment on this post or go across to our Facebook and post a photo to our wall.

First off you will need high reward treats, some sort of treat that is very smelly and your dog cannot resist following it with their nose. We used Harringtons Training Tre…

October Bow Wow Box | DaisyPets Halloween

Hey! Once again we are bringing you a Bow Wow Box Unboxing. This month is Halloween themed so I thought it would be perfect to put it into DaisyPets Halloween. If you aren't sure what a Bow Wow Box is, it is a monthly subscription service that delivers treats and a toy to your doorstep for your pups. We get the medium sized box, and it costs $33.95. To get more information visit 

I want to be 100% honest in all my reviews and want to make sure that what I am typing is my real thoughts. When I opened the box this month, I was excited however upon reading what brands contributed to the box, I was less impressed. I purchase a monthly box for the purpose of finding new treats and toys, and trialling things that I wouldn't usually. What this means to me, is that I want a bit of variety in what is put inside the box. However, I feel like I keep getting the same brands, which although are different products, are very similar.  To give you an idea on what I mean, I…

HUHA Charity Collection Day | DaisyPets (notso) Halloween

Eeeek! I missed a day of DaisyPets Halloween. I have been crazy busy the past couple of weeks, and had planned so many posts for every day but yesterday. I thought something might pop up, and nothing ever did. It got closer and closer to Thursday, and I got busier and busier. Now Thursday has been and gone, and no post went live. However, all of Thursday we were out collecting for HUHA so I have decided that I will share that experience with you all today. Next week is the last week of October, and we have posts planned, written and ready to go. I promise.

If you are in New Zealand and living under a rock, or you are from overseas, HUHA is a leading no kill shelter and charity within New Zealand. They have been around since 2000 and have been growing strength to strength since then. They rescued plenty of dogs in the aftermath of the Christchurch earthquakes and rehomed them into new homes around the country, they rescued beagles from an old testing facility, fought to get animal test…

Pumpkin Pupcakes | DaisyPets Halloween

Hey! Yesterday we uploaded a video to our YouTube channel on how to make these awesome Halloween themed Pumpkin Pupcakes. What I often find is that if I just follow a recipe on YouTube I hardly recreate it myself, so I decided to help you all out by writing the recipe and steps out for you. If you want to see the video we created, click here. 
Also, we would love to know whether you like a combination of videos and posts, or if you would prefer we just stick to posts! Leave us a comment down below.

You will need:
1/2 a can of Pumpkin Puree (or fresh pumpkin)
2c of Water
1 Egg
1/2tsp of Vanilla Essence
3c of Flour (Rice or whole wheat)
1Tbsp of Baking Powder
2Tbsp of Honey
1/2c of Peanut Butter

First off, if you do not have a can of pumpkin puree you will need to cook up your pumpkin. We didn't weigh ours so I am not sure how much we used but just estimate it based off the rest of the ingredients, or how big a can generally is. We boiled ours in a pan, but you can use any cooking m…

Jack 'o' Lantern Bell Peppers | DaisyPets Halloween

Hey! First off, let me explain something to you all. What some of the world call 'Bell Peppers', we in New Zealand call them Capsicums. So if I change between calling it a bell pepper and calling it a capsicum, I am talking about the same thing. Last Halloween I saw a couple of different small pet channels on YouTube making Jack 'O' Lanterns out of vegetables for their guinea pigs or rabbits. I thought this was a great idea so wanted to make my own twist on this idea for this Halloween. This is perfect for multiple guinea pigs because you will be able to put the whole capsicum in their cage and they will be able to share it in one go.

If you can catch a theme of my DIY Halloween posts, they are always super simple and don't contain many different things to create them. The main thing you will need is a capsicum/bell pepper. I originally done this with red peppers, but you can do it with any coloured pepper. I then decide to do a second attempt at this to get some m…

Pumpkin Pupsicles | DaisyPets Halloween

Hey! We purchased this Jack 'O' Lantern mould last Halloween, and never got around to using it. So when I decided that I was doing a month of posts I knew I needed to use this. I hadn't yet decided how I would utilise the mould until the morning of me making these treats. The deciding factor? I left my tripod at my other home so couldn't video the process, and didn't want to write a complicated blog post for full cupcakes. Thus it was decided that these Pumpkin Halloween Pupsicles were made.

These are very simple, take only two ingredients and are super quick to make. These are perfect for us that have just gone into Spring, and Summer is not far ahead, or for those who live in areas that don't really change seasons. California I am looking at you. I think the best part of these is that they are perfect for any dog and can be altered in a lot of different ways to cater to your dogs needs. They also take a while to eat so help prevent boredom.

You will need:

- Pu…

Mudwiggle Doggy Bandanas | DaisyPets Halloween

Hey! With it being the month of Halloween, I wanted a way that the dogs could get in the spirit daily, but without them being uncomfortable. The idea of them both wearing outfits every day didn't seem ideal especially since Diego is not a big fan of them. He also undresses Asha whenever he is wearing a coat so that was completely out of the question. That is when I saw Mudwiggle Doggy Bandanas at the Tess the Dachshund event. I have seen their stall a couple of times but never got around to buying anything from them. This time I asked the owner, Shiree if she was thinking about getting any Halloween prints in. Luckily for us she had been stocking up for some time and sent us an email with a bunch of different designs to chose from. We purchased three in the medium size, that with postage came to $27.

My favourite thing about these bandanas compared to a lot of other types is that they just simply slip over your current dog collar. This means that you can interchange them between di…

Guinea Pig Hay Ghosts | DaisyPets Halloween

Hey everyone! This is our first Guinea Pig DIY in our DaisyPets Halloween series, and this one is very simple but effective. I thought of this idea mid-way through September, and the idea in my head turned out completely different from how they turned out. For some reason I thought they would be more recognisable as ghosts, but the guinea pigs don't seem to mind. I hope that you enjoy this quick DIY, and I would love to see your attempts, so tag us on Instagram or Facebook or leave a comment below!

What you will need:

Non-dyed paper or paper bags.Sisal String, or Twine. We used some un-dyed natural twine.Hay of your choice.

I made a couple different versions of these ghosts, one smaller that can be made by chopping the paper bag or just using paper and the other using the full bag. We will start with the bag version. 
What I suggest you do is grab a hunk of the hay and roll it into a ball before you put it into the bag. One tip is to use more hay than you think you will need and this…