Guinea Pig Hay Ghosts | DaisyPets Halloween

Hey everyone! This is our first Guinea Pig DIY in our DaisyPets Halloween series, and this one is very simple but effective. I thought of this idea mid-way through September, and the idea in my head turned out completely different from how they turned out. For some reason I thought they would be more recognisable as ghosts, but the guinea pigs don't seem to mind. I hope that you enjoy this quick DIY, and I would love to see your attempts, so tag us on Instagram or Facebook or leave a comment below!

What you will need:

  • Non-dyed paper or paper bags.
  • Sisal String, or Twine. We used some un-dyed natural twine.
  • Hay of your choice.

I made a couple different versions of these ghosts, one smaller that can be made by chopping the paper bag or just using paper and the other using the full bag. We will start with the bag version. 

What I suggest you do is grab a hunk of the hay and roll it into a ball before you put it into the bag. One tip is to use more hay than you think you will need and this will make the ghost more plump and round. As you can see from this photo, my first attempt I didn't do this and it was a disaster. Put the hay inside the bag and then scrunch the bottom and manipulate the corners of the bag into a round shape. I done this by folding the corners behind and then just balling the bag until it looks right. I then grabbed the twine and tied that multiple times around the scrunched area. After it is all tied up, start pulling out the ends of the bag so that it flows out a big and resembles more of a ghost. If you would like, you can cut some holes out of the top to resemble eyes and this would help the guinea pigs or rabbits get the hay out. 

For the second version, I cut the bag in half so it was just a flat piece of the paper. If you can't get access to these paper bags, this version would be good for you to use regular paper. It has the same essential method as above, roll the hay into a ball and place it in the middle of the paper. Then bunch the paper around the hay ball and adjust it so that the bottom flows out and is even. From there wrap and tie the twine around the bottom. 

An additional thing you could do to add more to the ghost effect, is add extra twine around where you tied the ghost, and then attach this to the roof or side of the cage so it dangles. Not only will this make the paper ghosts look more like ghosts, it will add an extra bit of work for your pigs to get their food. 

Thanks for reading, and check out our other posts for Halloween. We will be posting every Monday and Thursday for the month of October. To see a list of our Halloween posts, click here.


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