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Hey! First off, let me explain something to you all. What some of the world call 'Bell Peppers', we in New Zealand call them Capsicums. So if I change between calling it a bell pepper and calling it a capsicum, I am talking about the same thing. Last Halloween I saw a couple of different small pet channels on YouTube making Jack 'O' Lanterns out of vegetables for their guinea pigs or rabbits. I thought this was a great idea so wanted to make my own twist on this idea for this Halloween. This is perfect for multiple guinea pigs because you will be able to put the whole capsicum in their cage and they will be able to share it in one go.

If you can catch a theme of my DIY Halloween posts, they are always super simple and don't contain many different things to create them. The main thing you will need is a capsicum/bell pepper. I originally done this with red peppers, but you can do it with any coloured pepper. I then decide to do a second attempt at this to get some more photos for this post, and picked up an orange pepper as well. I made a few different Jack 'O' Lanterns to give you an idea of what you could use.

To make the capsicum look like a Jack 'O' Lantern you need to first chop around the stem and pull this out. This will make it easier to get all the little seeds out as these can be choked on by your small pet so are not wise to leave in. I personally threw out the top, but it is up to you whether you want to keep this to close the top at the end.

After you have removed the top, put your creativity hat on and start to chop out your face design. This part can be dangerous, so be careful, I stabbed myself a few times. I found that the easiest design was triangle eyes and mouth as you can make straight lines with the knife. The first one always turns out the worst, so I suggest having two peppers so that you can practice on one and perfect the second one.

You can leave it here and just give your small pets the empty Jack 'O' Lantern, or you can add extra goodies inside to make it even more enjoyable for your pet.
With the first one I made, I put the guinea pigs daily vegetables into the Jack 'O' Lantern and used it as a bowl. This worked well as the remaining vegetables were leafy greens and cucumber, making the design I cut out of the pepper even more vivid.
The next pepper, I put in some hay. I just used their typical meadow grass hay and stuffed that into the pepper, but if you have treat hay or foliage that would be perfect also. I like that with this design, you can give the lantern hair by sticking the hay out of the top.
The last pepper I put some fresh grass inside. This worked perfectly, like the vegetables because it made the design stand out. I am very worried about the guinea pigs not getting enough grass as they are inside pigs and we had trouble with Schmutz, our rabbit not getting enough grass to wear down his teeth. I love giving grass to the pigs a different way each time because they love grass, even more than vegetables, so they are more likely to work for their treat.

And that is it! They are ready to feed to your small pets. There is a lot of other combinations that you could do to make this Jack 'O' Lantern even better for your pets. I would love to see which combinations that you can come up with, leave a comment and photo down below!


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