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Hey! With it being the month of Halloween, I wanted a way that the dogs could get in the spirit daily, but without them being uncomfortable. The idea of them both wearing outfits every day didn't seem ideal especially since Diego is not a big fan of them. He also undresses Asha whenever he is wearing a coat so that was completely out of the question. That is when I saw Mudwiggle Doggy Bandanas at the Tess the Dachshund event. I have seen their stall a couple of times but never got around to buying anything from them. This time I asked the owner, Shiree if she was thinking about getting any Halloween prints in. Luckily for us she had been stocking up for some time and sent us an email with a bunch of different designs to chose from. We purchased three in the medium size, that with postage came to $27.

My favourite thing about these bandanas compared to a lot of other types is that they just simply slip over your current dog collar. This means that you can interchange them between different dogs, or even different collars if you change collars often. The hole in which you slip the collar is wide enough to fit Diego's chunky collar through it, but also fits snug on Asha's smaller one. One tip that I learnt while trying to put these on the first time, is that you start through the buckle side. This makes it super simple to slip through. I originally tried it with the prong side of the collar and it kept getting stuck.

The stitching and craftsmanship on these is impressive, we have had them on both dogs at home when they are wrestling, but also at the dog park when there are other dogs jumping all over them. Everything has stayed in place and hasn't come off or askew. Also, because when you are out walking you are still able to attach the leash to your real collar, there is no pulling on the bandana.

I am so excited to be able to use these all month long, and change them around as I please. After October I think I will have to pick up a few more as I am finally getting into the stage of loving bandanas on the boys. I definitely recommend you check out Mudwiggle Doggy Bandanas, she has over 50 prints available and is so amazing to deal with. After ordering she had made and delivered all three of our bandanas within the week. If you are in the Wellington region, she often attends local craft markets and dog events and will also be at this years Pet Expo on the 31st of October.

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