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Hey! Once again we are bringing you a Bow Wow Box Unboxing. This month is Halloween themed so I thought it would be perfect to put it into DaisyPets Halloween. If you aren't sure what a Bow Wow Box is, it is a monthly subscription service that delivers treats and a toy to your doorstep for your pups. We get the medium sized box, and it costs $33.95. To get more information visit www.bowwowbox.co.nz 

I want to be 100% honest in all my reviews and want to make sure that what I am typing is my real thoughts. When I opened the box this month, I was excited however upon reading what brands contributed to the box, I was less impressed. I purchase a monthly box for the purpose of finding new treats and toys, and trialling things that I wouldn't usually. What this means to me, is that I want a bit of variety in what is put inside the box. However, I feel like I keep getting the same brands, which although are different products, are very similar.  To give you an idea on what I mean, I went through all my unboxing posts and counted how many times there was the same brand:
Superior Farms: 5
Alfa Pet: 3
Rewardz: 4
Zeal: 5
The only box without a repeating product (Excluding the first box) is June 2015. Imagine if instead of getting multiples of each brand, you only used that brand once, that would be 14 extra brands that could get recognition. Don't get me wrong, I understand that it would be hard to find that many different brands to use, but I would really appreciate a bit more effort into each box. If any of you know of smaller brands that make treats, or a different monthly box service that provides more brand variety, let me know in the comments.

After that rant, let's get into this months box.

Alfa Pet Veal Ribs
These are great, and the boys really like these. We got these in one of the first couple of boxes we got and the dogs appreciated these treats. These are 100% natural Veal Ribs with no artificial preservatives or additives.

Rewardz Halloween Treats
These are fantastic Halloween shaped treats made out of Chamomile, Pumpkin and Roast Lambs Fry. I love the effort that Rewardz always goes to for each festive season. This pack comes with three treats, a Jack 'o' Lantern, Owl and a bat. I always have a lot of trouble tracking down this brand online so I am not sure how much they are, or how to get follow up treats.

Trick or Treat Lollipop
These are raw hide lollipop shaped treats in three different colours. Unfortunately I don't feel super comfortable feeding Rawhide, and have recently started to avoid it for my two dogs. Otherwise these are super cute, and a great idea to keep your pooch busy for a small while. They are unbranded so I can't give credit or an exact price to get these treats.

Human Body Parts
This made me giggle so much, the packaging says that these bones are Human Body Parts naturally dried for goodness. Perfect packaging for this Halloween season. This is the way to a Halloween lovers heart. In all truth, these are veal bones. These are a decent size for my smaller dogs, and would make the perfect boredom buster. I really wish there was an even number, since I have two dogs, but beggars can't be choosers. I haven't yet fed these to the dogs, but I definitely think they will be the hit of the box. These are also unbranded.

WLPET Rubber Chicken
I have always had a love for rubber chickens, I think that is solely due to the fact that my dad was obsessed with them. My dad doesn't own a dog, and never has. But he did have a rubber chicken key chain. Diego has never really had a latex/rubber toy, and I didn't know how he would go with it, or how easily it would be destroyed. To say he loved it, is an understatement. He went absolutely ballistic for it. He wouldn't even drop it for me to throw it, which is a big deal since he loves playing fetch. He kept squeezing it so that it would make a noise, and then rush around with it. I did film a video of him playing with it, which I will load onto our Facebook Page if you would like to see that. Anyway, the squeaker stopped working maybe five minutes into us playing with it although Diego hadn't made any obvious damage to the toy.

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