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Hey! We purchased this Jack 'O' Lantern mould last Halloween, and never got around to using it. So when I decided that I was doing a month of posts I knew I needed to use this. I hadn't yet decided how I would utilise the mould until the morning of me making these treats. The deciding factor? I left my tripod at my other home so couldn't video the process, and didn't want to write a complicated blog post for full cupcakes. Thus it was decided that these Pumpkin Halloween Pupsicles were made.

These are very simple, take only two ingredients and are super quick to make. These are perfect for us that have just gone into Spring, and Summer is not far ahead, or for those who live in areas that don't really change seasons. California I am looking at you. I think the best part of these is that they are perfect for any dog and can be altered in a lot of different ways to cater to your dogs needs. They also take a while to eat so help prevent boredom.

You will need:

- Pumpkin
- UnSweetened Plain Yoghurt
- Freezer friendly mould

First off I cut up and boiled my pumpkin. You can cook your pumpkin how you wish, we chose the boiling method because it was least time consuming. Otherwise you can roast or microwave depending on your preference.

Once the pumpkin had cooked, and had cooled I put it in my food processor along with some of the yoghurt. I did not weigh anything. I am not a good recipe follower, and done this without any recipe, based it solely off inspiration from other pupsicle recipes I had previously seen. I did wonder if I should give you amounts, but decided against it and I will let you all decide what you want. Give yourself some creativity and see where you go. Anyway, I then blended that all up until it became a soup like consistency. I had previously chopped up parsley in my food processor so there was some left over in the bowl, but I figured it would be good to have some of that in the mixture.

From there I spooned the mixture into the mould, making sure that the mixture went into all the crevices of the design. I hadn't made enough to fill all six moulds, opting instead to full each pumpkin completely to make a full treat.

I then put that into my freezer and it was ready within four hours. Depending on the size of your mould and the consistency of your final mixture will change the time it needs to set in the freezer. Once set, I advise to take all the pupsicles out of the mould and place them in an airtight container. As long as you keep them in the freezer before you use them, they won't melt out of shape.

All done. It was that easy and now your dogs will have something to enjoy on those hot days. Diego spent a good ten minutes on his treat and still hadn't got half the way through it. He spent the whole time just licking it down, whereas Asha would not go near it. He is a more sensitive pup and didn't like the coldness on his tongue. I would love to see how you recreated this treat, and if you have any ideas on how to make these treats even better leave us a comment below.

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