Go Green NZ Expo | Review & Haul

Hey! This Sunday we decided to attend the Go Green Expo that was at Wellington's TSB Arena. The Go Green Expo is an expo dedicated to supporting green businesses across NZ, and has a wide variety of sustainable and eco-friendly businesses running stalls. The Go Green Expo was created to make it easy for everyday people to get their hands on affordable, environmentally friendly products, and to gain knowledge into a healthier, cleaner life. They cover everything in a 'one stop shop' from local beers, organic skin care and makeup, to ethical investments, cars and electric bikes.

Let me start with saying that I was not expecting much, I was still bitter about the horror which was the Pet Expo held in Upper Hutt. I can now say I was pleasantly surprised, and enjoyed the Expo immensely. One of my favourite things in other people is passion, it what attracts me to people and makes me want to build a friendship. However, these days, not many people show off their passion, and it's a real shame. I loved the atmosphere at the expo because everyone was so passionate about what they were doing, and what they were offering. I loved discussing all these different products and services with people whose eyes lit up with fire as they explained why and how they do what they do.

I think the passion behind peoples stalls really helped with us whipping out our cards and purchasing a lot of things. We made some awesome new purchases, and learnt about a lot of smaller businesses, so I have decided to do a quick haul to showcase some of these! There were a lot more stalls that we did enjoy but didn't purchase from at the time so if we do in the future I will make sure to mention them somewhere. Also, if you would like any reviews on the products, please let me know and I will give each product an in depth review.

 This is a whole laundry kit from Simply Laundry. This is a hypoallergenic, eco friendly and cost effective alternative to basic laundry powder. We got everything in their range and purchased it as a package which includes two of their Laundry Balls, plus replacement pellets, whiter bleach powder, stain stick and two of their lint balls. All you have to do is throw one or two of the Laundry Balls into your wash, depending on the size of the load. No other washing powders needed. There is no chemicals in any of their products, or soap agents so no residue is left behind. Each pack of pellets can last anywhere between 3 months to 12 months depending on how often you wash. For an average household doing one wash a day, they will last roughly 6 months. I am excited to see how these work, they also offer a 100% money back guarantee on all their products if you don't believe it worked for your family. If you want any more information, check out their website www.livesimply.co.nz

This is a lunch box from Meals in Steel. I have never thought about it too much, but I always reuse plastic containers for my lunches and it most definitely would not be good for my health. This is a great alternative to having a plastic lunchbox, it lasts longer, doesn't crack or leak, is lightweight and is dishwasher and freezer safe. We got the two layer circle container, and my partner will be using it for his lunches. The thing we love about this one is if you are having a salad, or something with a separate sauce, it means you can keep that in one layer and the rest in the other layer to keep it fresh til you want to eat. If you want to get one for yourself visit www.mealsinsteel.nz

 Next up we got the full pack of products from OurEco Home which is a range of home cleaning products. None of their products contain harsh chemicals, and to be honest, they smell 100% nicer than any other cleaning product that I have smelt on the market. These smell incredible! The man at the stall gave us an amazing run through on how each of these products work, and the best places to use each one. It was awesome how informative and passionate he was about his products. These products will replace every other cleaning product in our home, for the whole home including kitchen and bathroom. We also got four of their microfibre cloths which work fantastically with all their products. I am so excited to clean my home now, and will definitely be doing an update on these once I have got a feel for how they work. This brand is large in Australia and is in a lot of their stores, however it is new to New Zealand and can only be purchased online currently. You will be able to buy your own at http://ourecohome.co.nz/

 When I saw this stall, I wondered when I last tried blackcurrants, and I couldn't think of it. However, I am now hooked on them! These are absolutely delicious. We got a pack of their freeze dried berries, and a smaller pack of the dark chocolate covered berries. Both are vegan. The chocolate covered ones are my new guilty pleasure, and I will be purchasing more packs once I have finished this one. The freeze dried berries are great to use in smoothies, as well as mueslis, salads, ice creams, and any other meal you can think of. Viberi is 100% organic, New Zealand grown blackcurrants. To purchase your own berries, go to www.viberi.co.nz and you can order online!

This product is obviously not for me, well I hope I don't need beard oil! This is for my partner, who loves his beard, sometimes I think he may love it more than me. The beard oil contains ingredients to help condition your beard, ease any beard itch and to smell all woodsy and fabulous. This one does smell amazing! A common theme through the products we picked up. A portion of all proceeds from Archeus goes towards their plant conservation activity, so every purchase you know you are giving back! This company also made a tattoo oil that my partner tried out, and loved. The woman that we were talking with at the stall was so lovely, and spoke about how she is working with breast cancer survivors with their tattoo oil to help make them feel beautiful again. I just love the morals behind this company. I didn't manage to find the beard oil on their site, but you can check out the rest of their range on www.archeus.co.nz

The last thing I picked up was this awesome shirt from NZAVS, which is the Anti-Vivisection Society of New Zealand. I just thought the graphic was so cute, the rat cartoon is just adorable. Of course, it also spreads a great message. I am not well informed on this topic so I can't say too much about it at the moment, but they have invited us to a volunteer meeting in December where we will discuss the cause over vegan food. So I will definitely attend that and learn some more information around this topic. I know that they do a lot of work with HUHA which is one of our favourite charities so I can't wait to learn more. If you want any more information, or to purchase a T-Shirt of your own, head over to www.nzavs.org.nz


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