Tough Dog Toy Hunt: ZeeDog Eggplant

Hey! We are still on the hunt for decent, tough dog toys that last the distant. It is crazy how hard it is to find a toy that deals with Diego's chewing. I can't imagine how hard it would be to find toys for Pit Bulls and larger dogs. If you want to see some of our other reviews in this series we have a list here.

Today, we are reviewing the ZeeDog Eggplant which states that it is the toughest toy in their range of vegetable and fruit shaped toys. We purchased this from Wolves of Wellington which is a small online shop that is based in my area. The toy can be used in multiple different ways, as a treat challenge, and as a fetch toy.
We currently have a giveaway over on our Facebook page to win your very own eggplant! 

First off, the way that it is designed means that when you bounce it, it bounces in every different direction. Also, when I say it is bouncy, I mean bouncy! I was showing my younger sisters just how bouncy it is, and it bounced straight up into her face! This worked well for us, because Diego is a ball and toy fanatic, and was quick to change direction and height when playing fetch with the toy. For the first couple of times that we played with the toy, we didn't even bother putting treats in it, just threw it around and Diego loved it. He wouldn't leave it alone and even decided that it needed to come to bed with us.

Sadly, the toy didn't last as long as we liked. As I said above, the first couple of times we played together, and the first time I left him unsupervised with the toy (No treats inside) he ripped the top off. This probably took less than ten minutes for him to completely rip off, I was only just started on dinner in the kitchen. Although, that didn't stop his love for the toy and now just meant that he had two toys to play with. I kind of was happy that he did destroy the top, because the full eggplant did look a little rude, and without the top, it was definitely less rude.

Once he had destroyed the top of it, we finally got around to putting treats inside. The first day we squished our Halloween Pupcakes into, another day we put in chicken necks and treats and another day we put a full banana inside. With access from both sides, it did make the challenge easier, and the chicken necks with treats fell out with little effort from Diego. The banana was a challenge for Diego, and it took him on and off a full day to get the banana out. I think this was because I smooshed it to the sides of the Eggplant which his tongue couldn't reach. I think the treat challenge is decent enough for him, it kept him busy for anywhere from ten minutes to a full day.

Another thing I thought would be good to mention is that my partner drove over the Eggplant a few days ago in his van, and it is still intact. I was very surprised that it lived through that. I thought it was finally time to say good bye to the Eggplant. I do believe that Diego will end up chewing it apart, his teeth manage to pull bits off the top every time he plays with it so eventually it will wear down.

My final thoughts is that this is a great toy, and is fantastic to leave for your dog with treats inside, or even for play time together. I don't believe that it would be good as a 'Tough Dog Toy' as Diego wore through it super quickly. I can't imagine it lasting against a Pit Bull or even a Lab if there is treats inside. If you are tossing up between this and a Kong for a destructive dog, I would suggest to go for the original or Black Kong as our baby Kong is still around untouched (although previously Diego has destroyed a Kong). If you don't have a super destructive dog, then it will be perfect and I would definitely recommend it. I would also love to trial their other products in the range, they all look amazing and would be good to compare the treat challenge on all of them.


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